Human Resources By Toby Cobb

Mannington Incorperated. Does And Donts of interviews

Sample Interview 2-More effective interview


Always address as sir or ma'am.

Always say the positives first.

When you leave ask when you can expect to get a call from them again.


Never have a cocky sounding tone they will think that you are to self confident.

Never cough or sneeze with you mouth open if you don't have your hand there.

Don't burp or fart during the interview if you do. Don't bring attention to yourself.

Job Title

Mannington Incorporated, a textile manufacturing plant where you will make the things that you walk on every day.

You will be responsible for working the line and telling people where to go during the day. Fix the machine when there or if there is a jam. Learn when and when not to let people off. Firing people is also another term used.

You have to have at least 2 years of manufacturing experience for the job.

Base pay is $20.14 and you will be making around $40,500 annually.