American revolution 1775-1783

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secondary sources

pbs: liberty and

primary sources

internet mondery history book


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who revolted in the American Revolution?

colonist rebelled against Britain
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why did they revolt?

They revolted because they had no rights and were taxed very heavily, they were denied there rights, they were also treated very badly.
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How did they organize?

they had leaders of the group, those were George Washington, John Adams,Samuel Adams,and John Henry and they battled York town and won
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How did the people overthrow the government?

There were wars and fights to revolt back
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How did the government respond?

The British decided that they would fight back, they used military force to fight back, they fought back for three years.
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How was the government the same or different following the revolution?

a democracy emerged, to give the rights back to the people, they created the bill of rights and constitution
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