Patriot Points 2/16

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Independence students possess a solid foundation for the next steps in their journey through life.


Independence Elementary believes that nothing is more important than children. We are continually committed to the social, emotional, and academic development of every child. Our school is a safe, challenging, caring, and supportive environment where teachers, parents, students, and community members work together to ensure all Independence students have a solid foundation for life. We strive to make the learning experiences at Independence fun and engaging while holding everyone accountable for reaching his or her highest potential.

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Included in this weekly bulletin is a comprehensive listing of events, meetings and FYI. Anyone that needs something disseminated to the entire faculty should send the information to Ms. King by Thursday at 5:00pm. The publication is for faculty and staff use only. Please read carefully and govern yourselves accordingly.

Quote of the Week

"There is not greater harm that that of time wasted."


Patriot Honors

Shout out to Jackie Hathaway. Thanks for having something on the bulletin board in the lounge to uplift us when we go into the lounge. You put a lot of hours planning and placing just the right messages we need to see and read.


Shout out for fifth grade. Thanks for helping me in Read Naturally Live. I have noticed that the students are on task and moving right along. With your encouragement I can see them working harder to complete their assignments in a timely manner. Great job and I appreciate it!


Shout out for Challenger teachers! Thank you for allowing Read Naturally Live students to work on their reading during Challenger. I can tell they are working hard on their reading.
Thank you for going the extra mile for our students!

Ashley Miller is our Employee of Excellence for this Quarter - Congratulations!!

Weight Loss Challenge - Keep up the Healthy Living!!

Run 4 Reading

There are 3 types of registration:

Eat and Run (You are challenged to eat a dozen doughnuts at the half way point.) $35

Casual Run/Walk (No eating required.) $30

Book Relay (4 per team. I think each team member runs a mile and passes the books to the next team member.) $25

These prices are good until January 31st.

The prices increase after that.

February 27th is race day.

  • The District with the Most Teams Participating *will need to add school district to team sign up page on Registration.

For more information visit:

Email Mrs. Cash if you are interested in participating. All levels of walkers/runners are invited.

Shredder in Workroom

Please make sure to turn this off after use! Thank you!! (It will overheat if left on.)

Grade Reporting Update

Beginning 3rd Quarter, ELA %’s in CANVAS for grades 3-5 will be as follows: 40% Reading, 40% Writing, 10% Grammar, 10% Word Study (your assigned Instructional Technology Specialist will support teachers with CANVAS %’s). A great deal of input and reflection (teachers, school/district reading coaches, principals, APs, technology specialists) has been given regarding the need to weight scores within ELA. Many teachers are already weighting the assignments this way and others are not; it is critical to strive for district-wide consistency of reporting that accurately depicts student learning. The %’s are in direct alignment with the District Literacy Guide……The importance of grammar and word study, yet the integration of both within reading and writing. Some teachers are totally integrating grammar and word study within reading and writing and will not need to input grades separately (in the 10% categories), however some teachers are doing both, giving them an option to input summative assessments as 10% of the grade. In other words, teachers are provided options within the system by appropriately weighting the learning within each option, yet maintaining a high level of consistency.

- District-wide Elementary Progress Reports for 3rd Quarter!!

This is definitely a celebration of collaborative efforts to deliver a unified message to parents regarding student progress. During the AP meeting on Thursday, additional ‘ tweeks’ were made to the 3rd quarter progress reports and are already at the school-level for distribution.

Major components of the K-2 & 3-5 Progress Reports……

*Directly aligned to each report card: 1-4 scoring of Power Standards for K-2 and %’s for each Content Area for 3-5.

*Both progress reports outline the standards for the quarter and identify which standards have been taught & assessed at this point in time.

*Communicates student Reading Level

*Provides an opportunity for the teacher and/or parent to request a parent conference.


If you are interesting in tutoring after the holidays for $20.50/hour, please let Lesley know. This would not be a long-term commitment and can be shared with another teacher.

SC READY Testing Information

Literacy Update

1. If you have not updated your January instructional levels on the R drive, please do that ASAP.

2. I have changed grade level meeting from Thursday, Feb 11th (Valentine party day) to Thursday, Feb 18th.

3. Please complete the January Writing reflection in Canvas if you have not already.

4. Complete the writing lesson analysis in Canvas. Remember, this is the time you "plan" for WW and the "actual" time spent on each part. There is a place for a short reflection as well. This is only between you and me!

Math Notes of Importance

There are videos in Canvas for grade level standards. Kristen and Michael are working on getting all standards filmed and up on Canvas. To locate these videos, please go to your grade level master course and scroll to your Grade Level Standard module. In grades 1-5 the videos are labeled by standard and in Kindergarten the videos are in Number Sense Continuum and Related Standards/3rd Quarter Math standards. More will be coming as they get them finished, so check back often and please provide positive and/or negative feedback to Kristen on these videos.

PD Opportunities

We just wanted to make you aware of new math professional learning opportunity available for K-5 teachers. (Hahn & Jerrell)

Teachers can sign up on My Learning Plan.

#Talk the Walk

In this 3 session professional learning opportunity, kindergarten through fifth grade teachers will explore how talking about math builds a community of mathematicians who can understand and explain mathematical concepts. The first session will focus on how we build a community of mathematicians, and how teacher questioning supports that. The second session will focus on how to ask open ended questions that help students construct their own mathematical knowledge. The third and final session will focus on moving students from verbal explanations to written explanations about math.


Session 1: Feb. 25

Session 2: March 24

Session 3: April 21

Black History Program - 3rd, 4th and 5th Grades Only

Save the Date:

Friday, February 26th at 12:30pm

This day we will have bag lunches in your rooms.

Dismissal procedures will be emailed to you by Anne prior to this program.


All grade level money needs to be spent by April 15th. There will be no exceptions.

Weekly Agenda


No School!!


2:45 - Shumate's Shower!


10:00-12:00 Dr. Pew's Visit

12:30 King to WU

Duty-Free Lunch


Principal's Meeting

R2S Grade Level Meetings

Happy Birthday to Lisa PE Brown and Julie Griffin!!


Please complete the PD and PLC Surveys by Monday. Thank you!

8:30 Finance Meeting

9:00 Admin Meeting

12:30 - RtI Meeting

Jean Day - Wear your IDES Spirit Wear!

Happy Birthday Martee!!

Staff Birthdays


1 - Sharon Lee

4 - Natalee Shumate

5 - Lynn Poe

10 - Sharise Graham

12 - Barbara Cauthen

14 - Ashley Miller

18 - Lisa Brown

18 - Julie Griffin

19 - Martee Patton

Upcoming Dates to Remember:


19 - Complete PD & PLC Surveys

17 - Dr. Pew's Visit

26 - Black History Program @ 12:30 - Bag Lunches in Classrooms

27 - Run 4 Reading Race - Good Luck!


2 - Math PLC Meeting at IDES

3 - ARTOME Show

10 - Community Visit

11 - Book Fair - Grandparent Ice Cream

23 - Awards - K/1

24 - Awards - 2/3 & 4/5


4-8 - Spring Break! :)

13 - 5/3 - K-2 MAP Testing

15 - All Grade Level Money Spent

26 - 28 SC READY Testing


(Week of May 1st - Teacher Appreciation)

4 - 25 - 3-5 MAP Testing

6 - Muffins for Moms & National Nurse's Day

11 - 27 - SC PASS Science & Social Studies

19 - Patrols to Carowinds

20 - No School

26 - 8:15 - 1st Grade Awards

27 - Field Day & Lunch & Learn

30 - No School

31 - First Grade to Gardens

31 - 8:15 - 4th Grade Awards, 9:00 - 2nd & 3rd Grade Awards


1 - Half Day

8:30 Kindergarten Awards (In rooms)

2 - Half Day - 5th Grade Celebration

8:30 5th Grade Awards (Cafeteria)

3 - Last Day for Teachers - Check Out

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