Saving condors!

Helping the recovery of the California condor

Saving Condors Foundation

The Saving Condors Foundation is helping to raise the total population of condors that are currently in the wild. Saving Condors is attempting to help the endangerment of the California condor, and reintroduce them into nature. Over the years the California Condor population has been rising, but it hasn't always been that way. In 1982, there were fewer than 25 California condors left in the wild. However, with the rise of the population, there are currently 160 of them left in the wild.

Our Goal

The Saving Condors association's main goal is to secure the safty of the California Condor species, and help their population rise. Also we are trying to help spread awareness of the Condors endangerment from things such as shootings, pesticide residue and lead poisoning. Also we are attempting to help maintain their homes and prevent the destruction of their habitat.

Rick Walker

When we mention the name Rick Walker, we are mentioning the name of the creator of the Saving Condors Foundation. Rick Walker spent some of the hardest years of his life with a bird expert named Lon Peregrino. During this time Lon taught Rick about the California Condor and the troubles they are in. Rick was also running from the law and Lon helped picked him off of his feet and shape up his life once more. Rick seemed to be very interested in how the condors would be back in the wild. When Rick saw the condors laying their eggs he said,"Won't that be something. Back in the wild and on their own." When Rick says this he clearly shows the interest in taking care of the birds and he is truly hoping they will survive on their own. After Rick had the experiences with Lon and the condors he decided to try to help them in their recovery to environmental stability.

The California Condor

The California Condor isn't just an ordinary bird. It's one of the most interesting and amazing bird species left in the wild! It's also the largest bird in north america, with a wing span stretching nine and a half feet. It has a bare head and the color of it can vary from white to reddish purple. The bare head is an adaptation for hygiene since they eat dead and rotting meat and, for the most part, stick their heads into the carcasses to feed. Condors also only feed on carrion (dead animal carcasses). The birds prefer the carcasses of large dead animals like deer, cattle, and sheep. The birds prefer the carcasses of large dead animals like deer, cattle, and sheep. The California Condor is nature's natural clean-up crew.

Rick's Dream

Many people didn't know why Rick wanted to start the Saving Condors Foundation. Many of the people who said this didn't fully know his story. But even though the condors weren't a big part of him straightening out his life they had a huge impact on someone else. Rick decided to help the condors in remembrance of Lon. Taking care of and watching those condors was Lon's pride. Even though it was basically his job he would be doing this even if he wasn't getting paid by anyone. Rick and Lon had such a deep bond that when Rick was finished with his detention service he carried on what Lon couldn't, Lon even shows up to defend him in court, he even writes the judge a letter explaining how Rick has changed. There can't be a stronger bond than what these two had.

Lon cherished the condors more then anything else. On several occasions he even risked his life to help them. When The notorious bad guys Nuke and Gunderson brought out gun and started to try and shoot down M1 Lon didn't back off. He marched straight past the armed lunatics in search of his bird. And When Rick tried to stop him he simply said, "I can't... I'd be down to four" (192). No wonder Rick wanted to take after Lon. To him the bird were almost like his family. And Rick couldn't leave that family behind.

Rick started the Saving Condors foundation because he wanted to help the birds that helped him through the hardest times of his life. Through out Rick's journey Lon talked of how few condors were actually left in the wild. And when his life finally got back on track he wanted to help the condors do the same. These spectacular birds helped Rick stop finding everything so negatively and helped him get free of his maze. The maze in his head that had no exit, only dead ends. But every time he saw those amazing condors fly and every time Lon wouldn't take those bird to heart something would change. One of the dead ends in his mind would open clearly his way closer and closer to the exit of this impossible maze.

How you can help

The California condor is endangered for many different reasons. Most of these reasons the Saving Condors foundation, let alone a single person couldn't change. Things like habitat reduction or crashing into power lines. The one cause that you can change is shooting and lead poisoning. Condors are shot down and even though its illegal many people continue to do it. Many people hunt and even if they aren't hunting condors they still could be killing them. When hunters kill their prey with bullets they probably use lead ones. However, lead bullet can poision the know dead animal and when the condors come to feed on it they can be poisioned and killed as well. So if you have any hunter who are friends or you are a hunter yourself purcase non-lead ammunation instead. And even if you aren't a hunter you can spread awareness of the poisoning of condors and the condor endangerment as a whole. Even the tiniest of help can give the California condors a fighing chance.

Matthew Eckert