The Heart of Haleʻiwa

October 22, 2021 Volume II Issue VI

In this Issue...

  • Early Dismissal for Parent-Teacher Conference Week
  • Mahalo- Water Bottle Donations
  • Alumni Volunteers
  • Congratulations Mr. Haiola- AFCEA Grant Recipient
  • Literacy Corner: Hawaii Reads Q1 Challenge Winners
  • Third Grade Writing Club: Thomas Edison by Sage Langford
  • Kindergarten Field Trip with Loko Ea
  • SEL: Courage by Mrs. Dolan & Ms. Yonting
  • COVID-19 Testing at Haleiwa Elementary Update by Nurse Connie
  • Free KINSA Thermometers
  • Ice Pop Sales are Back!
  • COVID 19 and CHOOSE LOVE by Mrs. Cyndy
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Mahalo for your Donations!

Water Bottle Donations

We are so thankful to our families and staff members who graciously donated water bottles for our students. We received over 200 water bottles! We were able to give our students water bottles at the beginning of Quarter 2.

Some special water bottles that were donated have our Haleʻiwa logo and students who are recognized at our first awards assembly will receive one.

Alumni Volunteers

We are grateful to Shawn Reyes, Jacob Dylan Reyes, and Joshua Fore for coming to Haleʻiwa Elementary to fulfill their community service hours for Waialua High. We are so proud of our Haleʻiwa alumni for helping us with the many different projects around campus. So far, they have helped us with organizing our curriculum supplies, moved benches, painted a picnic table, pulled weeds, washed our donated water bottles, among other things.

If you know any other students who would like to volunteer, please have them contact our office and we will gladly set them up with projects. Thank you for helping us!

Congratulations Mr. Haiola- AFCEA Grant Recipient

Congratulations to Mr. Haiola for winning the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association's grant. He was awarded $1,000 to use for our Haleʻiwa Robotics Team.

The grant will provide enough to purchase five "VEX GO" robotics kits. Mr. Haiola hopes to eventually get 15 kits total to use between grades five and six. Working in pairs, students will have the opportunity to construct and code a physical robot. We are excited to see what our students will create thanks to this grant.

Literacy Corner

Hawai'i Reads Challenge - Quarter 1 Winners

Congratulations to our Super Star Readers!

  • Gr. 4 Rainier is our top reader. He logged 2298 minutes (or 38.3 hours) of reading!
  • Gr. 5 Stryker read 717 minutes (or almost 12 hours)!
  • Gr. 2 Justina is our top lower-grade reader. Like Stryker, she logged 717 minutes of reading.
  • Gr. 5 Qayde is our random drawing winner. Everyone who participates in our Hawai'i Reads challenges is automatically entered in our quarterly prize drawing.

Hawai'i Reads Kick-Off video

Please watch this video if you need more information on "Hawai'i Reads", Beanstack, or Sora.
#808Reads 'Hawai'i Reads' Kick-Off - SY 21-22

Our next reading challenge ...

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Third Grade Writing Club

Thomas Edison by Sage Langford

Read Sage's essay below to learn more about Thomas Edison's childhood, personality, and why he's famous.
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Kindergarten Field Trip with Loko Ea

by Ms. Mori

So far this year the kindergarteners in Ms. Mori’s class have participated in two virtual field trips with Loko Ea. The first trip they participated in was a virtual huakaʻi field trip on October 7. They got to virtually visit Loko Ea from the comfort of their own classroom. Throughout the lesson they learned about the ahupuaʻa system and where the fish pond is located. They also learned about the types of lokoʻia (fishponds) throughout Hawaiʻi and the importance of maintaining them.

The second virtual field trip was on October 21st, where students were given the opportunity to learn hands-on the importance of malama aina through planting their own plants. Students learned about the different plants and what they would look like when they start to grow. The three plants students planted were snap peas, pohinahina and ‘ahuʻawa. The students had lots of fun through this experience and can’t wait to see their plants begin to grow.

SEL: Courage

by Mrs. Dolan & Ms. Yonting

Quote of the Day

"Courage is nothing more than taking one step more than you think you can."

-Holly Lisle


Courage can be found everywhere. October celebrates Courage from our Choose Love Program.

It is also Anti-Bullying Month and we can all help each other through kindness and understanding. Everyone can show bravery by telling the truth and standing up for what is right. Just like our Haleʻiwa ESSENCE, we do the right thing when no one is looking and we do the right thing when everyone is looking.

This is how we Choose Love Everyday!

Call to Action

Write down the word Courage on a sticky note today and put it somewhere you can see it. How can you be more courageous in an area of your life where you need it?

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COVID-19 Testing at Haleiwa Elementary Update

by Nurse Connie

We are happy to share with you that our school based COVID-19 testing program is well and thriving. Haleiwa Elementary is using all the tools recommended by the CDC including routine screening testing to keep our campus environment safe and healthy for in-person learning. We have teachers, staff, and students taking advantage of school testing once or twice a week. This gives our school a better idea of our COVID risk since the testing program gives us our very own tracking data. Information from the testing program gives our school an extra layer of protection and reassurance. We offer COVID-19 testing on Monday and Thursday mornings from 7:00 AM until 8:15 AM for both students and staff. We have used our school-based testing program to support the needs of students for clearance for safe return to school. After registration, parents and participants may decide when, and how often they would like to take a COVID test at school.

As of this past Monday, October 18, 2021, Haleiwa Elementary School was selected to participate in a pilot program for the state of Hawaii to start sending test samples to a local Oahu lab (DLS) instead of sending samples to the mainland. The aim is to shorten the time from test to result. It is our hope that our school participation will help create safe, reliable, and quicker COVID testing that will support and sustain safe in-person learning in the long term. We aspire to be part of the solution that is school –based testing to ease the burden of COVID-19 for our school and the community.

If you are interested in signing up for COVID screening, please visit this website:

Free Kinsa Thermometers for our Families

Sign up to receive a free thermometer provided by Kinsa for all our families who sign up. Families can sign up by texting JOIN to 24020 OR search for Kinsa in your mobile app store. Thermometers will be mailed to the school and distributed when the orders are in.

Please contact Ms. Santos if you have any questions.

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Part Three: Forgiveness... by Ms. Cyndy

Part Three of our COVID 19 and Choose Love series focuses on forgiveness. Rather than have you read about how forgiveness can help you cope during this pandemic, we invite you to watch a video at, or click on the button below.

As an added bonus, video watchers are eligible to win a $25.00 Gift Card from Foodland. Simply watch the video, and complete the Forgiveness Questionnaire below. The winner of the drawing will be announced in our next issue of The Heart of Hale`iwa.

One final note: Our CHOOSE LOVE principles (Courage, Gratitude, Forgiveness and Compassion in Action) enable us to move forward during this time of covid without fear. Please join us for Compassion in Action, Part 4 of COVID 19 and CHOOSE LOVE, in our next issue of THOH. Thank you!

Forgiveness Video

Click on this button to view the Choose Love video on forgiveness. Complete the FORGIVENESS QUESTIONNAIRE that follows to register for a $25 Foodland Gift Card Drawing.

Forgiveness Questionnaire for $25 Drawing

Use this button to complete a short questionnaire on forgiveness (based on the video above) and enter a drawing for the Foodland Gift Card.