Lee Hickman: A Writer

11-year-old Writer, A Future Famous Writer

I'm a Writer Who...

I'm a Writer who likes writing very much. I think I am a very confident writer. My strength of writing is having a subject to write about and writing a pretty good story instead of having to come up with a subject. My weakness of writing is actually getting inspiration from something. I am better if a teacher gives me a subject. Usually I like to keep my stories to myself but if I think my story is really good I may share it.

A Memorable Experience

I was writing a story about my summer. I was very nervous to share the story and to go up in front of the whole class. Then the teacher said we are going to have a publishing party. Then I really had butterflies. I was telling my story and then when I finished, I realized it wasn't that bad to share. I took from that experience and why that experience was memorable to me is because I don't care if I share my stories anymore.

Sixth Grade Writing Goals

  • To make at least 10 stories this year.
  • To make 3 non-fiction stories.
  • To share 10 stories.
  • To make a story in most genres.

About Me

I am in a family of 4 and I have one sister. I love to play soccer and I am interested in football. My favorite subject is math. My favorite food is mac and cheese but apple sauce is

really close.