By: Lily Sercombe


Individuality can be defined as: 'The quality that makes someone different from everyone else. Mayor.M (2001). Longman Wordwise Dictionary, England:Pearson Education. It is what makes us unique and creates our identities. However, individuality is something that can rarely be found in schools nowadays. People tend to slowly conform to the people around them without realizing it. They wear the same types of clothes, act in the same way, and are generally similar to each other.
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What do individuals do that make them special?

Individuals choose to be different from others. They act how they want to act no matter what others think. Individuals embrace their true self. They are true to themselves however, being similar to someone else doesn't mean you aren't an individual. An individual would choose to wear something they liked. Another person might wear the same thing the next day but the original person is still an individual. Individuals choose to do what makes them happy. A true individual is happy with who they really are.

Students at Discovery College

Students at Discovery College lean more towards confomity than individuality. No-one takes the risk of standing out. No-one dares to make their mark or do something different. Sure, there are some people that have crazy hair somedays, or wear different coloured socks, but most of the time keep to societal norms. In the book 'Stargirl', it shows the main character being an individual by wearing quirky clothes, drawing bright red freckles on her face, and bringing a rat into her school. The thing is, it is not possible to do this at Discovery College. Discovery College requires its students to wear school uniform. This causes people to not be able to express themselves. The begining of the word, which is 'uni' means one, and the second part of the word 'form' means to conform or to be all the same. Having unifrom reinforces the idea of conformity. Discovery College would not allow a student to have paint on their face and would be sent to a bathroom to wash it off. This is understandable but this could still be another way to express our individuality. Finally, Discovery College would not allow you to bring in a pet rat or any other animal for that matter. So the school basically puts down barriers that stops us from being individuals.