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October 18, 2021

Upcoming Dates

October 18th- 22nd- Door Decoration challenge

October 26- November 23: Student Engagement Survey window. Student will take the surevey at school

October 26- November 21: Parent Engagement Survey window. Unique survey link will be emailed

October 29th- End of 1st Quarter and we invite students to dress up for Halloween. Students may only wear their face mask on their face

October 31st- Halloween

October 31- November 2- Day of the Dead or Dia De Los Muertos

School Nurse Update

School Nurse Jenny Hinz would like to share that there are still many students who are behind in REQUIRED immunizations. If your child is still behind in the REQUIRED school immunizations you will receive another communication by the end of the week. Please make arrangements to get your child vaccinated or fill out a waiver for an exemption. The waivers can be found on the MPSD website or in our school office.

If your child did not pass the vision screening you should have received a letter in the mail encouraging you to schedule a professional eye appointment. Please let us know how the appointment goes and if your child now requires glasses at school. If you can't afford a vision examination or need help with scheduling one, please contact Nurse Hinz for some options.

Any questions please contact Jenny Hinz RN 920-323-7445.

Swimming Reminders

Your student will be participating in swimming at Washington Middle School this year. Here are some reminders and dates:

Ruedinger and Wolowicz Students will begin their unit on:

Monday, November 1 gold day (7° and 8 °) and B Day (6)

Tuesday November 2ndfor DayBlue (7 and 8 °) and C Day (6th)

Wednesday November 3rd for a day (6th)

Wettstein students will start their unit on:

Monday, January 3rd for BlueDay

Tuesday, January 4th for gold of the day

Bring bathing suit, towel , personal hygiene items (shampoo / bath gel / brush / comb / deodorant).

Students will have a locker in the pool locker room. We recommend that students bring their wet swim gear home each day.

Acceptable outfits for women would include the following: one-piece, tankini with slight mid-rise drift shown, and bikini bottoms with t-shirt coverage (only bikini briefs accepted, not string bikinis). It is acceptable to wear your bathing suit with shorts.

Acceptable suits for men would include the following: lined bathing suit, shorts with some type of underwear, and jammers.

Anyone can wear a t-shirt.

Goggles, nose plugs, ear plugs, and swim caps are allowed, but are not provided by the school.

If you have a medical condition that prevents you from swimming, please contact your student's physician to provide this documentation to the office.

Your child is expected to participate with the other gym class during this time. Feel free to contact your child's teacher with any questions or concerns:

Diana Ruedinger (920) 663-9570

Jay Wolowicz (920) 663- 9324

Nick Wettstein (920) 663-9381

A message from Officer Laabs

Each month staff and students conduct a safety drill at Washington Middle School. For October, Washington will be conducting an Evacuation Drill / fire drill. Time is taken during the day to explain the plan and expectations for everyone during these drills. MPSD utilities the "I Love U Guys" foundation for the crisis response. I Love U Guys uses 5 catergories as part of the standard response protocol.

Hold is followed by the Directive: "In Your Room or Area" and is the protocol used when hallways need to kept clear of occupants.

Secure is followed by the Directive: "Get Inside. Lock Outside Doors" and is the protocol used to safeguard people within the building.

Lockdown is followed by "Locks, Lights, Out of Sight" and is the protocol used to secure individual rooms and keep occupants quiet and in place.

Evacuate and may be followed by a location, and is used to move people from one location to a different location in or out of the building.

Shelter State the Hazard and Safety Strategy for group and self protection.

For more information feel free to visit

SWIRL: Our School Goal

SWIRL is The Washington Middle School Goal this year. We wanted you all to know what we are focusing on this year and what you can expect to hear from your learners. SWIRL stands for Speaking, Writing, Interacting, Reading, and Listening.

Last Friday was a work day for our teachers. The spent the morning at various locations around the district working with other teachers of the same department. The goals of this work were around ensuring learning for all students in specific content areas such as English, Tech Ed, or Math.

In the afternoon, Washington teachers gathered to focus our efforts on using SWIRL to identify the steps that students take to become successful. These steps are called learning progressions or learning ladders. The goal is for every student, every day in every class to know where they are and what step is next as they work forward toward success. We are very close to our goal of having learning progressions for every core class completed by the end of October. When you connect with our teachers, please ask them about the learning progressions they are creating for our students.

News To Share

  • Boys Basketball Information: Information and link to register boys for the junior ships program is linked here
  • Girls Basketball Registration is open: Registration is now open to play basketball for Manitowoc Shipbuilders! This opportunity is open to all 3rd-8th grade girls in MPSD.

    Please go to this link to sign up:

  • Lost and Found: We have a lost and found table in the office that is full. There are lots of water bottles, sweatshirts, t-shirts, and backpacks. If your child is missing something please ask them to check out the lost and found. An UPDATED picture of the table is below.
  • Cell Phones- If students bring their cell phones to school, our policy is that cell phones need to be kept in student's locker for the duration of the day. If students do not follow this policy they will asked to put their cell phone in their locker or the cell phone will be brought to the office. We are asking loved ones to remind students of this policy.
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