Modern day Tragedy of the Commons

1968 to present time

Population growth and land depletion

The world's population and it's growth is a modern day trait of Tragedy of the Commons. Though not all of the land on Earth is public, with the growth of population stores, businesses, factories, and even houses have to be constantly built. Eventually if the world's population continues to grow rapidly, there isn't going to be any space for anything. There will be more landfills created, and more trash put into those landfills and also in forests or lakes from careless people littering. With that, it will lead to a dirtier world we live in. Public and private land will end up being depleted due to population growth leading to buildings and housing needing to be made. The reason for the land becoming depleted is due to people thinking they need to constantly add to their family. Some countries don't have to worry about land being depleted as others. More and more of the land is being used and depleted and we need to find a way how to regulate population growth, and when to step in and say to some people it is time to quit having kids. Not very many people think about land being used up, but it is being used up, slowly but surely. Also instead of constantly building new buildings, we need to tear down old abandon buildings or houses and build new ones in the same location as the previous buildings.