Internet Safety- Stranger Danger

When it is Not Safe to Share Online. By, Kayla Spira

Meeting others on the Internet.

Rewarding and enriching friendships can start on the internet. Across town or across the world, the internet can connect people in a way that they have never been able to connect before, however when you meet someone new, it is important you learn what is or is not appropriate to share.

Internet Safety.

Remember these rules to be safe on the internet!

  • When talking to someone on the computer it is important to not share personal information about yourself. For example, it is not appropriate to share your age, your school, or the city and street where you live. This information can be used by someone dangerous who may want to harm you.
  • Never tell someone on the internet any information like credit card numbers, bank information or other important numbers like your address, phone number or Social Security number. (Even if they ask!) Sometimes people may try to steal this information and use it for themselves.
  • It is very important to never send pictures of yourself to a stranger on the computer. If they ask you to send an inappropriate picture then tell mom and dad right away. Do not talk to that person again.
  • If someone is saying hurtful or inappropriate things to you on the computer tell mom and dad right away so they can help you.
  • Remember that when you say things online they last forever. Always be respectful of others and yourself with what you put online.
  • The most important rule of internet safety is always have a parent or adult give you permission to be on the computer. If you would not say it to your mom and dad then you should not post it on the internet!

When We Follow Safety Rules

When we follow the rules of internet safety we can have a lot of fun! Please click below for a link to a video about internet safety!

And Remember....

When we are on the computer, Always treat others the way you want to be treated!