Dental health

Are Your Teeth Healthy?

What are dentist? What do they do? If you have those questions they could simply be solved in this flyer. Dentist are teeth cleaners. They are a huge part of oral health and general health. Dentist help you with your teeth. Most people are scared of the dentist, and others think it cost too much. If its because you fear the dentist let me ashier you, many but not all dentists complete a 4 year college degree before entering dental school. Some enter dental school after 3 years. So they know what they are doing and its probably a 1% that they might do something small wrong. And about 99% that the dentist will get it right.
It may be to your concern that about one third of American adults don't go to their dentist. Did you know in the years 2011-2012, 17.15% children ages 5-19 don't go to the dentist. Adults from 20-44, in 2013 27.4% adult do not go to their dentist. Now you know the importance to going to the dentist, and hopefully you will go to your dentist! GO TO YOUR DENTIST!!!!!!!