My Biome

By: Raun Deosarran

My Paragraph

Marine plants are traditionally classified in the kingdom Plantae, bearing stems, leaves and roots. According to some researchers, green algae is grouped with its plant neighbors. Algae engages in a photosynthesizing process similar to that of plants by capturing solar energy and producing oxygen. consumers like the hamerhead shark are different. Hammerheads are aggressive hunters, feeding on smaller fish, octopuses, squid, and crustaceans. They do not actively seek out human prey, but are very defensive and will attack when provoked. the sting ray also adapted to some things.The stingray's tail features a poisonous barb, which is used only in self-defense. Stingrays are generally docile and will swim close to divers and snorkelers without fear. there is one animal that is feared greatly in the ocean the great white shark. Great whites are torpedo-shaped with powerful tails that can propel them through the water at up to 15 miles (24 kilometers) per hour.

The ocean food chain

this is the marine food chain it shows how everything works out in the food section