Sinclair-Peters in Thailand

"Only ask and I will give the nations as your inheritance"

The first time I prayed to Jesus

Nut and Goi first heard about Jesus through last year's TREK team. The team went to their coffee shop almost everyday and struck up a friendship. Goi put her faith in Jesus Christ after a few months but Nut merely listened politely. He watched carefully however as God began to change Goi’s life. Deep down, Nut was not a tough Nut to crack (groan :) He listened carefully to everything his wife had to say. Then he started studying the Bible with Pastor Naat. He was honest with Pastor Naat. He said he was reluctant to put in his faith in Jesus Christ because his family are very devout Buddhists. Nut’s mom also channels spirits in order to get spiritual insight and is well known in the community for picking winning lottery numbers. Nut really loves his mom. He didn’t want to do anything that was disrespectful to the family.

Then, last week Goi called me to tell me that Nut’s mom was in diabetic shock and comatose and in ICU. Would we pray for her? Since we were at Edd and Ingrid's at a prayer meeting, we all started interceding. Nut told us later that this was the first time he had ever asked Jesus for anything. He was very specific: he asked Jesus to open his mom's eyes, smile, sit up and laugh.

Suddenly, Nut’s mom went from comatose to wide awake. She smiled, sat up and laughed! Nut was overcome by God’s mercy in healing his mom. The next day he came to his coffee shop with his Bible in hand and said, "I have an announcement to make: This coffee shop will no longer be called "Goi's Coffee. I have changed the name to "Hope Coffee"... just like the Hope Centre Church!" Everyone laughed and declared, "Wow, God has a new franchise in Chachoengsao!" Suddenly unashamed of his new faith, Nut immediately started reading the Bible to his mom and telling her how Jesus Christ had healed her. Praise God. This week Nut came to church, prayer meeting and Bible study! During the service he boldly testified about God’s healing in his mom's life. Thank you God for this miracle of healing! We pray that you would give Nut the courage to follow Jesus with his whole heart and that his mom and his brothers would put their faith in Jesus as well. Amen!

The Burmese churches celebrating Easter

The Lighthouse, Grace House and Bang Sai Churches want to say, "Thank you for your prayers and generous financial support!" Jesus is Alive!

36 Hours of Non-Stop Prayer!

A HUGE thank you to everyone who signed up to pray with us over the Easter weekend.(We counted prayer warriors from Europe, America, Canada and Thailand!)

During the weeks preceding Easter, many of our Thai and Burmese believers were struggling with discouragement and oppression from the Evil One. But after 36 hours of prayer and fasting, we IMMEDIATELY began to experience many powerful, spiritual break throughs; Can you say...Joy, Salvation and Miracles of healing? Yes, its true! God loves to answer the cries of his children. Hallelujah!

Praise God! Zani and Pastor Isaiah win a harvest of Burmese people in Phuket!

Pastor Isaiah and Zani walked out of Greg and Becky Oullette's door and went 10 meters in one direction and then 10 meters the other way and met 2 camps of Burmese neighbours. That night, they had a great time making friends, sharing their testimony and all that Jesus Christ has done for them. By the end of the evening, Zani had led 5 men and woman to the Lord and Pastor Isaiah, another 18! Praise God for soft hearts to the Gospel. Please that the Lord will provide workers in the harvest for Burmese people living in Phuket. The door is open wide!

Summer Interns at Bethel

Pastor Naat is excited to have 3 interns: Daaw, Benz and Boat are studying the Bible, teaching kids, leading worship and doing whatever Pastor Naat tells them to do!

Lord Jesus, we ask that you would fill Daaw, Benz and Boat with your Spirit as they submit their lives to you. We ask that you, Jesus, would be the most important One in their lives, because You are Great and Glorious and worthy to be the King of our lives. Amen.

Dave & Louise Sinclair-Peters

Church planting with MB Mission in Chachoengsao, Thailand

Thank you for praying for us, giving finances and partnering with us. Because of your generous support, God is multiplying Thai and Burmese leaders, making disciples and growing His church here in Thailand. Hallelujah!

This month would you please consider making a donation to Project C0625? This church plant is currently under-funded. Thank you!

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