Emperor Penguins

the Emperor Penguin is one of the penguin species in Antarctica. They have black backs and white stomachs. They also have yellow and black beaks. but when they are first out of there shell they look like they don't look to good but eventually there feathers will grow in.

Emperor Penguins diet is fish, squid and krill. When the babies are still in eggs the mother Emperor Penguins go out in search for food and once the babies have hatched the dad provides them with food even though he hasn't eaten. Those are really impressive dads. while they are doing that the mothers are swimming at depths of 1700 feet (over 500 metres) and will hold there breath for 15 minutes to get that food. There is only one problem the leopard seal it can and ill chase after them but they have to outrun the seals or both them her partner and there chick won't survive.

AS you may know the Emperor Penguin live in Antarctica but you may wonder how they survive well during the Winter the Empeor penguins (i believe this is with all penguins) they all hudle together and slowley move in and out with the coldest going to the middle and the warmes going outside. This will continue through the Winter for survival. If they need to during the Winter they may slow there metabolism if needed. Though they do look cute they are

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