January Newsletter

Ms. Looney

Happy New Year!

We are off to a fabulous new year in third grade! We are kicking off 2016 by discussing New Year's resolutions. We will set realistic goals for ourselves and discuss how we can achieve them in 2016. I look forward to working with all of your children to monitor and achieve their goals they set for the New Year. This newsletter has a lot of valuable information. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. Welcome Back!

Reading Workshop

In Reader's Workshop we have learned how good readers use connections to text, the world, and themselves to understand characters and events. We learned to combine our background knowledge with textual evidence to identify character traits and make inferences in our reading. We are continuing to enjoy our read aloud, "Diary of Hattie Campbell" and love hearing her daily adventures as she travels to Oregon - she's so funny! We will learn how to construct theories that explain how characters behave or how plot unfolds, how to form understanding of what is not stated in text but implied, and the difference between cause and effect.

Writing Workshop

In Writer's Workshop we are learning the purpose and characteristics of a persuasive letter. We are learning to use graphic organizers to organize our thoughts and ideas and develop strong reasons and details to support our positions.


Unit 6 will focus on geometry concepts. We will explore the differences between rays, lines and segments, determining congruent figures, drawing lines of symmetry, measuring angles, and identifying shapes based on their attributes. Unit 7 will cover multiplication and division again, but this time we will use our knowledge of facts to identify patterns, use number models with parentheses, estimate products and costs using money, extend products of ten, and explore ratios and geometric figures. Keep using Reflex Math to practice multiplication and division facts!
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Social Studies & Science

In Social Studies we are actively researching the Oregon Trail, its forts, challenges, and rewards! We are also documenting our adventures in our Oregon Trail Journals as we read "The Diary of Hattie Campbell". In Science, we are investigating how pioneers accomplished hard work on the trail through simple machines.
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Cross and Candles

Third graders will carry the cross and candles on the following dates. If you have a conflict with your child's assigned date, please switch with someone and keep me informed of the change. Thank you!

Wednesday Feb. 3

Hutch - cross

Rett - candles

Gage - candles

Thursday Feb. 4

Sullivan - cross

Lyle - candles

Betsy - candles

Friday Feb. 5

James - cross

Colin - candles

Ayden -candles

Monday Feb. 8

Benjamin - cross

Luke - candles

Morgan - candles

Tuesday Feb. 9

Caroline - cross

Emily - candles

Sean - candles

Wednesday Feb. 10

Sophie - cross

John - candles

Hutch - candles

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Valentine's Party

Our class Valentine's Day party will be on Thursday February 1tth. Parents are welcome to join us. This is an early dismissal day. Children will be dismissed at 11:45.

Children should decorate a shoe box or paper bag at home and bring it to school the week of February 8th. This box or bag will hold the treats and cards they receive at our class party. Students are welcome to bring in a Valentine card and treat for their classmates. All treats should be nut free and store bought. We have 17 students in our class. Please make sure to bring something for everyone if your child chooses to bring cards and/or treats! As always, thank you to my wonderful Room Moms who are also providing a treat, juice, and fun activity for our class Valentine's Day party!

Important Dates

Tuesday January 5th - Classes Resume

Monday January 18th - No School (Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day)

Friday January 22nd - Jump Rope for Heart ~ Wear Red! (1:50-2:20)

Friday January 29th - Third Grade Field Trip to Wolf Run

Wednesday February 3rd - Lower School Eucharist

Thursday February 11th - Class Valentine's Party (11:00) Early Dismissal (11:45)

February 12-15 - Winter Break - Enjoy!