Elizabeth Cady Stanton

By Katie Howard

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Elizabeth growing up

She was born November 12th 1815, and she died on October 26, 1902. She had a big family growing up she had 10 siblings. But most of them died before they had the chance to become an adult. She went to Johnston academy. She really only had one job and that was being a house wife. She did not really have a job because After she got out of school none of the places that had job opening would take her because she was a women. So soon after she decided that she did not like the way that women were treated. so she began a women's rights reform.

Accomplishments Of Elizabeth Cady Stanton

It took a very long time of writing speeches to get them to give the women their rights.But they did it. The women got more things If the man and woman were to divorce she had more rights and now the husband would not get everything. However even today there are some places that do not have men and women completely equal. Such as in some places the women that work there get paid less then the men do even if they worked there longer and had more experience.

What Did Elizabeth Cady Stanton Do

She paired up with Susan B. Anthony together they tried to earn woman rights. Elizabeth was very good at writing so she wrote all the speeches. Susan was good with talking in front of people so she gave the speeches. also Elizabeth could not travel to give the speeches because she had a family that she could not leave behind. So she just sent the speeches to Susan so that she could give the speeches.

What Was The World Like Before The Reform

The world was not a very good place. Men were allowed to beat their women. If they went to the police or court for help they would not help them because it was not illegal. Also if the man and the woman were to get a divorce the man would get everything. It did not matter if it was the woman's property before they got married. When they get married all the property became the mans. Even the children became the mans and the woman never got to see them again.