Saturday August 13, 2016

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Your performers have made it this far, with four months to go until they show the City Of Fort Smith, what they have learned during their first season.

Another great aspect is that your performer is the ORIGINAL member of MKDB FSM! For MKDB FSM to come, many children and teens will thank your child for be the first. For if they did not start, many would not have the opportunity.

Although MKDB is in SEASON 5, MKDB FSM, is starting at SEASON 1. They have already set the tone of MKDB FSM, and that is to stand strong- together.

They have alot to mentally and physically prepare for, there are no short cuts in dance. They have alot of pressure: Will they be able to do the splits, their YScales, Leaps, Turns. They have had to learn techniques that are foreign to them, learning terms in French, etc!

So while they prepare, you must prepare also. This form will assist you. Do not get behind, you have 4 months until your dancer takes the stage. You have to make sure they have all that they need so that their only job is to dance and dance hard, with their complete hearts.


Encourage your dancer! They will need you to encourage them the entire way through. Your daughter is a first time performer, learning techniques at an age, in which the dance community says is "late".

They have to get on that stage in front of hundreds of people, they need to know you believe in them.


Below are the items in which you need to self purchase.

  1. Black Ballet Shoes
  2. Black Ballet Skirt
  3. Black Short Sleeve Leotard
  4. Black Hip Hop Boots
  5. Black Biker Shorts
  6. Formal Wear in Black for awards ceremony.

* These items are mandatory, not getting what they need cuts them out of performances.

Photos, Descriptions and Due Dates Below

Examples Of Black Formal Wear

1. Must be all black

2. Must be a dress or top and skirt

3. Must be formal

4. You may wear whatever style or color shoe that compliments your dress.

Amazon, and more sites have some really pretty cheap formal dresses.

Examples show a variety of styles for all ages.


You have heard of studios having a recital. MKDB has dance concerts, there is a difference. However just as there is a recital fee, there is a concert fee.

The amazing part about MKDB and about being company is that MKDB includes costuming in their concert fee. Whereas, most studios you have to pay the fee and costumes as a separate fee.

The Concert Fee per member is $150.00

Due: July 15, 2016

That is in 15/16 weeks. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS DATE. You may early. We will order all costumes on the 16th, when payments process. We will not order after that date or we could get into some serious shipping issues. We will not risk the show.

You may pay in installments if you like, all you need to do is email accounts and ask them to produce an invoice or pay in cash, sealed/labeled envelope.

The Concert Fee Includes:

  1. 4-6 Costume Rentals, shipping, processing, detailing!
  2. 1 Comp Ticket!
  3. It pays for Hair/Makeup/Dress Backstage Assistants!


  1. Promote The Show!
  2. It is going to be fun!
  3. Ensure You Sale At least 10 Tickets.
  4. We will have hard copy tickets and online ticket sales.

Hair Requirements For Show

1. Natural Hair Color

2. Versatile, hair must be able to style into ponytail, halfup/halfdown, bun, down, etc

3. No Crocheted Styles

4. Singles Braids are recommended must match color of hair, shoulder length

5. Weaves must be able to be styled into styles listed above, no tracks showing at all, not ever, no humps, lumps, strings.

6. Those wearing their natural hair, please have it flat ironed, straight.

STEP 5- What Are You Wearing?

Dance Moms get ready for you will be going on the stage, to be introduced! Get Ready To Shine! Have you ordered your dance mom shirts?