Weather in Seattle, Washington

Made by Rory S. and Tristen E.

Seattle climate, precipitation, temperature, and locaton

Seattle, Washington is located on the northwestern coast. It is bordered by the Pacific Ocean, Oregon, Idaho, and British Columbia, Canada. Due to the Pacific ocean being very close to the Pacific ocean, the moisture from the ocean causes a lot of rain. In fact, their average humidity is 73%. Their yearly amount of rain is about 38.6 inches. Seattle gets most of it's precipitation during winter. They get rain, snow, thunderstorms, rainstorms, snow, hail, and sleet, but because of their moderate year-round temperatures, they don't get a lot of snow. Their annual average high temperature is 58.8 degrees F, and the annual average low is 45.1 degrees F. They usually have wet winters and dry summers.

Weather Forecast

Throughout the next week, Seattle is expecting mostly rain, with temperatures cooler than average. On Wednesday, there is a 70% chance of precipitation. On Thursday and Friday, there is a 50% chance of rain. On Saturday and Sunday, there is a 0% chance of rain, and the forecast is sunny. On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, the forecast is sunny. Finally, on Thursday and Friday, the forecast is mostly sunny with 0% chance of precipitation. The predicted average high temperature and average low temperatures for the week are 51 degrees F, and 35 degrees F.