Chapa Cougar Choir 12/2/19

Week of December 2nd Updates/Reminders

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Hello Chapa Choir Families! We have exciting things going on for several groups, please be sure to check out the details via this newsletter, social media and any paper flyers/slips that go home!

Overlook of upcoming Fall/Winter Dates:

  • (All) Fall Popcorn Fundraiser was due before the break - We are still missing some payments!
  • (All-Optional) Kyle Christmas Tree Lighting Caroling ~ Wed. Dec. 4th (7:15 PM @ Kyle Square)
  • (All)Winter Choir Concert ~ Tues. Dec. 10th
  • 8th Grade w/ LHS Caroling Tour ~ Sat. Dec. 14th
  • (7th/8th) Region Choir Sign-Up Deadline ~ Wed. Dec. 18th
  • Houston Trip Payment #2 Fri. Dec. 20th ($75 - Please read updates about payments below)
Chapa Choir GCal!

Subscribe for all the important date reminders as the year progresses. You may choose to hide certain events or the whole thing as needed on your own google/calendar account.

Students MUST read Google Classroom Weekly for Choir

Please encourage & remind your students to use and read google classroom every single week for choir class. Students are reminded and shown how to use it daily in class. There are also many options for students to use class devices during, before, after class and before and after school. Students are to be responsible in planning in advanced to check their google classroom so they do not miss any valuable information!

We use google classroom for the following:

  • Occasional Video Homework
  • Practice track resources for required and non-required performances
  • Study resources for assessments and written work (ie. Video & Paper Quizzes)
  • Tips & Reminders for choir assessments and practicing

So when you ask your student - "Do you have any homework?" This answer is almost definitely "Yes" because all students should be reading/practicing/studying every week for choir in order to better build their skills.

If any student is unable to access online work it is their responsibility to bring home their binder from class to practice/study when necessary.

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Kyle Tree Lighting Caroling (Optional/Extra Credit)

Wednesday, Dec. 4th, 7:30-8pm


HaysCISD choir singers come together for a night of providing the musical entertainment for our cities' annual Christmas kick off! Come see Chapa Choir sing Christmas Carols @ 7:45 pm on the gazebo stage. Singers need to be there by 7:25 pm latest to line up behind the gazebo and get ready to perform! All the family is invited (Food, Santa & Shopping! See flyer above) ! Students are to encouraged wear choir gear and holiday accessories :)
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Winter Choir Concert (Mandatory)

Tuesday, Dec. 10th, 7:30pm

979 Kohlers Crossing

Kyle, TX

Our annual winter concert featuring a collection of sounds of the winter season around the world will be a Tuesday night at 7:30pm. This is 4 MAJOR GRADES for ALL students in choir as explained in the choir handbook. All students need to arrive for their final dress rehearsal by 6:45PM. This will be a FORMAL dress concert. Students are to wear black/white color scheme, dress/skirt/pants, nice dress shoes (no open toed). SEE ABOVE IMAGES FOR GUIDANCE.

This is a free festive concert open to the public! PLEASE let Mrs.Garcia know ASAP if getting these items would be a hardship on your family by this week as we may have some options to help families in need.

Choir Houston Trip Update as of 11/22

Houston Trip Parents (7th & 8th Grade)~

I wanted to touch base with you on a couple of things regarding the Houston Trip payments.

Trip payments are made through Unique Travels and Tours, NOT through the Chapa Choir Store.

Note that this information also applies to any adult planning on chaperoning with us as well.

Please follow the instructions below to make your payments:

Payment Information

o Link:

o Set up a new account by entering an email and password

o Confirm your email by clicking the link that will be sent to your email address that you entered

o Enter Code: Chapa MS 2020 (enter as shown)

o Follow directions after entering the code to begin making payments and submitting your required documents for travel.

FEES :It was brought to our attention that there is a 4% online credit card processing fee added to transactions. We take full responsibility for not catching this on our contract with Unique and for not making sure to disclose that in advance to you in the Houston paperwork. We assumed that any fees associated with the online payment system would be included in the per student price, but this ended up not being the case. You are welcome to continue to pay via credit card, or you have a couple of other options.

ACH :There is an option on the payment screen that allows you to make an “ACH” payment. This will act as a payment with a check and you supply them with the routing and account numbers. It says there is a 1% fee to process this, but I have been reassured that this fee is covered and will not result in any additional charges on the balance of the trip.

MAIL : You can send in payment by mail to: Unique Travels & Tours, Inc. P.O. Box 516 Hooks, TX 75561
i. Be sure to include the name(s) AND indicate that it is for the Chapa Middle School Houston Trip.

DEADLINES: While last week was the deadline for the first payment, We believe the only “hard deadline” is the January 24th, at which point all members must be up to date on payments.

If you need to wait a bit longer to register your student, or if you didn't get around to it soon enough, I don't believe there will be any problems getting you situated.

We hope you had a great Thanksgiving Break. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns.

1st Payment - Nov. 22, $75.00

2nd Payment- Dec 20, $75.00

(MUST BE UP TO DATE WITH PAYMENTS BY Jan. 24th 2020 to Secure Spot)

3rd Payment - Feb 2, $75.00

4th Payment - March 6, $75.00

5th FINAL PAYMENT - April 3rd (ONLY $49.00)


In order to encourage more participation, Tutoring days will be changing in December.

Please note that I am available for specific days of the week to tutor/instruct with the following schedule beginning 12/2/19

  • Region Choir Practice Mondays
  • Music Memory Tuesdays
  • *Tutoring Wednesday (Please have student indicate they are staying on the clipboard in choir room prior to showing up so we can plan on snacks)

*Additional Tutoring times can be arranged in the morning before school from 7:15- 7:45 AM by appointment

Here is the link to sign up for the Late Bus! (at least 24 Hours in advanced - yes you can sign up for multiple dates in advanced for ANY event after school at CMS)

Choir Grading/Practice/Studying

Our students have been completing a STUDENT TRACKER for their grades in choir. They had one from the first nine weeks and they now have a new one for this nine weeks.

Every Monday students have been given the opportunity to write everything down that they have done, I have printed out grades for them to see if needed and they review a list of reminders for grades and events coming up as a class.


This nine weeks students will mainly be evaluated weekly through skills demonstrations (including self evaluations) and ONE official homework that was due 11/18/19 through google classroom.


This nine weeks students will have their major test grades stem mainly from our major performance on Dec 10th (4-four test grades). Plus they will have a post concert evaluation that they will have to complete during class following the concert that is worth a major grade and does required using the complete sentences (sentence stems provided).

They also had a test grade from their required in school performance on Veterans day.

They had a symbols quiz the past Thursday during class which will build on their symbol recognition skills that they have been working on since the first semester. We will be reviewing grades in class- Please see post on Google Classroom about quiz.


Students in choir who have low test grades mostly result from lack of practice/study/effort/demonstration of skills. Students are working DAILY on all skills needs to be successful for major grades in choir.

For the low daily/homework grades, It has been experienced that some students often say that don't understand something but they rarely sign-up/show up for the extra instruction time that has been provided weekly. Please encourage your student to sign-up for extra instruction if needed. I am more than willing to assist/re-teach and do what it take to get any student on track in time for submission of the assignment. Please not that students can loose points due to late submissions per district grading policy.


Outside of choir they have the opportunity to practice at home with materials provided on google classroom or they can sign-up for time to stay after school to use school resources/practice areas. Students can always take home their binder to study for anything and study resources are provided on classroom as well for symbol quizzes.