Plot Diagram by Mrs. Bailey

Movie Moment

Burn-E is a sensitive robot that makes flower shapes and wants to do his job right!


Person vs. Nature

A meteorite strikes a light in Burn-E's job sector.


Characters: Burn-E - a repair robot aboard the Axiom space ship.

Setting: 821,190,000 miles from Earth. 2805 A.D. Axiom space ship.

Rising Action

1. Wall distracts Burn-E, who accidentally lets the replacement light drift away.

2. Burn-E accidentally slices the replacement light in half.

3. Burn-E replaces the light but gets locked outside for a long time.


Burn-E finds Supply-R and finally pushes the power button.

Falling Action

1. The escape hatch lid flies into the air.

2. Burn-E celebrates his victory!


The lid smashes into the light again. Burn-E faints.
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