Tech Integration Newsletter

Volume 8 | Issue 23 | April, 2018

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What does it mean to be Future Ready?

The Future Ready Framework is a robust structure for digital learning visioning, planning, and implementation focused on personalized student learning.

The research-based framework emphasizes collaborative leadership and creating an innovative school culture. All content focuses on seven key areas called "gears." The Future Ready Gears are:

1. Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment

2. Personalized Professional Learning

3. Robust Infrastructure

4. Budget & Resources

5. Community Partnerships

6. Data & Privacy

7. Use of Space & Time

Along with collaborative leadership, each of these gears are addressed during the comprehensive planning process. This framework keeps student learning at the heart of all decision-making.

Watch for more Future Ready information, resources, and other opportunities in upcoming Wavelengths Newsletters!

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The New PD | Professionally Driven Technology Training

Be professionally driven and choose your own PD. These training sessions are open to elementary and secondary school teachers and stipends for attendance will be paid when offered during non-duty hours.

Check inservices.ops.org regularly as NEW training sessions are added often. Use your district e-login as the username and your employee number as the password.

Is your school open to hosting a PD session? Contact Melissa Cleaver (melissa.cleaver@ops.org) to coordinate a session at your school.

Save the Date: OPS Tech Share

Mark your calendars NOW for our OPS Tech Share, a 2-day technology integration event for Certified staff on May 31st and June 1st. Come learn about best practices when integrating technology in your instruction, including a variety of tips, tricks, and tools to engage your students. Register now for sessions at: inservices.ops.org

View more details including the full schedule of sessions HERE.

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Elementary Spotlight: Congratulations to Maureen Totilas

April's elementary spotlight is on Maureen Totilas of Gateway Elementary School for her contribution to elevating technology integration through the OPS Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) program at Gateway Elementary. She is a technology teacher and an OPS Master MIE.

As an MIE she has committed to being part of a three year program which is a train-the-trainer model. She attends OPS MIE sessions to learn about technology tools and best practices to integrate into her classroom as well as support her buildings school improvement plans.

In recognition of her efforts in supporting the MIE program in her school, she earned the opportunity to attend the ISTE conference this summer in Chicago. Congratulations Maureen!

Click on the below Sway to learn more about how the OPS MIE program helped encourage Maureen in applying her learning to support her school and student learning.

Interested in becoming an OPS Microsoft Innovative Educator for your elementary school? Contact Melissa Cleaver to see if there is an opening for 2018-19.

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Secondary Spotlight: Microsoft Innovative Educators

Secondary Microsoft Innovative Educators (MIEs) have had a year full of learning and networking! As part of the OPS program, they have made a commitment to their schools and peers to support the integration of technology. It is an exciting time with MANY things to keep us on our toes!

Our OPS MIEs have contributed to developing knowledge and skills in their schools and peers through trainings, visioning, and support for classroom integration. In recognition of her efforts Jodi Taylor, MIE from Beveridge Magnet Middle School, has the opportunity to attend the ISTE conference this summer in Chicago. Congratulations Jodi!

If you are interested in being an MIE next year or know of someone in your school, please watch for the nomination link in future issues.

Once again, for the 2017-2018 school year, the secondary technology trainers are looking to showcase innovative secondary educators who are incorporating technology into their classroom content.

Click on the sway below to submit a nomination!

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Instructional Technology Leadership Cohort in Action

Our OPS ITL teachers are learning how to do more than integrate technology and educate students with tech tools. Through their coursework at UNO, ITLs are gaining insight on changing their mindset and using ICT (information & communication technologies) to further their students’ critical thinking skills. For more information about the OPS ITL program, please contact McKenzie White at mckenzie.white@ops.org.

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Digital Citizenship Corner with Common Sense Education

Our students are facing a future full of big problems to solve. These solutions require a deep, compassionate understanding that's only found through empathy. Digital tools -- while not the answer to inspiring this empathy -- can help students take perspective, collaborate with others, and design solutions. Click here to learn more about how you can empower your students to build empathy.
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Mobile Learning Unit

Where is the OPS MLU this week?

It's finally spring, and in the pursuit of awesomeness we are adding to our Mobile Learning Unit's schedule to create a bigger impact and opportunity for the community. We will continue to support our OPS schools by offering digital citizenship and digital literacy programming for students. However, we want to meet families at other locations as well to best meet their needs. Cox Communications has been a supportive partner in this process to expand our wifi and programming coverage.

To see the MLU in action at our new community locations, check out our blog HERE.

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OPS Anywhere

Communications regarding the new PeopleSoft upgrade has been emailed to all staff. In addition, postcards were mailed to employee home addresses over the winter holiday to communicate this upcoming change and explain the difference between Grams and Alerts. Your staff may not understand the importance of reading the OPS Anywhere emails or be aware of how they will be impacted. Employees can search their Inbox for "OPS Anywhere" to locate the emails. For additional information, see below.

Website Link: Click HERE
Email Questions or Concerns: ops-anywhere@ops.org
Project Hotline (Message Receiving Service): 531-299-0277

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Technology Training Team

Debra Bordenkecher:

Technology Trainer, Classified/Certified Staff/TAC

Rebecca Chambers:

Instructional Technology Trainer, Mobile Learning Unit Lead Teacher

Melissa Cleaver:
Instructional Technology Trainer, Project Coordinator
Eileen Heller:
Instructional Technology Trainer, Elementary Lead Teacher
Keegan Korf:
Common Sense Media, Digital Citizenship Lead Teacher
Kelly Means:
Instructional Technology Trainer, Project Coordinator
Amy Vester:
Instructional Technology Trainer, Secondary Lead Teacher
McKenzie White:
Instructional Technology Trainer, Library Lead Teacher