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4/4/19 Spring Trip Edition

Required Spring Trip Parent Meeting & Concert (RHS Auditorium)

Tuesday, April 9th, 6-7:30pm

Richardson High School, West Belt Line Road, Richardson, TX, USA

Tuesday, April 9 from 6-7:30pm is a REQUIRED meeting for all parents and their students who are traveling with us to Galveston on April 11. Every student MUST have a parent in attendance, as we MUST meet face-to-face prior to loading the bus on Thursday, April 11 at 6:15am. This is for the safety of your traveling students. Please do not create the added stress a day before the trip for directors to meet with individual parents. This date has been on the calendar all year!


RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Spring Trip College Tour and Performance - We have 44 kids signed up!!! WOO HOO!

April 11-14

Sam Houston State University Music School

SHSU Campus Tour

Lowman Student Center for souvenirs

Thank you to the following parents for being our wonderful chaperones!

  • Mark Dishman
  • AJ Castaneda
  • Deetrice Thomas

Administrator traveling with us: Mr. Vega


The Galvestonian

401 E. Beach Dr.

Galveston, TX 77550

(409) 765-6161

Other Destinations

Buc-ee’s 205 I-45, Madisonville, TX 77864,

6201 Gulf Fwy, Texas City, TX 77591

Five Loaves Deli – Midway Plaza 1329 University, Ave I, Huntsville, TX 77340

Kroger - 5730 Seawall Blvd, Galveston, TX 77551

Kemah Boardwalk - 215 Kipp Ave, Kemah, TX 77565

Port Bolivar Ferry - Texas 87, Port Bolivar, TX 7765

Murdochs Souvenirs – 2215 Seawall Blvd, Galveston, TX 77550

Hard Rock Café – 502 Texas Ave, Houston, TX 77002

Needs from the parents

There are 2 forms to sign at the Tuesday meeting.

  • You will need a copy of your insurance card if you want to include it with the medical form.
  • Bring a list of any medications you plan on sending with your child. This will save you tons of time Tuesday if you bring the list with you and don't have to think through it all on the spot.
  • ALL MEDS MUST BE DOCUMENTED if going with the student.
  • $15 for Hard Rock Cafe meal - cash or check to RAOC - this is due to the directors before we leave.
  • We will give the students $10 each for groceries.
  • Kemah is included in the trip cost.
  • All other spending money for groceries and souvenirs is up to your family.
  • We need to know if your student is able or unable to swim

Students will have pictures taken at the parent meeting for ID purposes on the trip

Schedule & Itinerary

2 TUESDAY Spring Trip Rehearsal 4:20-5:05

9 TUESDAY Spring Trip Rehearsal 4:20-5:30 Mandatory Meeting & Concert 6-7:30pm in RHS Auditorium

Thursday, April 11, 2019 – THIS IS A LONG DAY, BRING SNACKS

6:15AM Bus will spot at Richardson HS – BE ON TIME so we can DEPART ON TIME

Violins/Violas go home Wed.– only Cello/Bass students are allowed inside to get instruments. (Hard cases only for cellos)

7:00AM Depart for SHSU

11:00AM Lunch at Five Loaves Deli in Huntsville

12:00PM Clinic at Sam Houston State University

1:00PM SHSU student performance (wear polo & jeans on bus)

1:30PM School of Music Tour/Class Observation

2:00PM SHSU Campus Tour/ Lowman Student Center for Souvenirs

3:00PM Load bus for Galveston

7:00PM Arrive Galveston, stop for groceries at Kroger

7:45PM Load bus for condo check in, unload and refresh

8:00PM Dinner – on your own in your condos

10:00PM In your assigned room

11:00PM Lights Out!

Friday, April 12, 2019

Breakfast at your condos

9:00AM Free time at beach & pool

10:00AM Mandatory check-in at pool

12:00PM Refresh and eat lunch in condo

1:15PM Load bus for Kemah (wear spring trip t-shirt)

2:00PM Kemah Boardwalk

5:30PM Load bus for condos

6:30PM Dinner – on our own in condos

8:30PM Pool time or room time! (No beach)

10:00PM In your assigned room

11:00PM Lights Out!

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Breakfast on your own in Condos

9:00AM Free time on the beach & pool

10:00AM Mandatory check-in at pool

12:00PM Refresh and eat lunch in condo

1:30PM Port Bolivar Ferry ride (free) or Beach/Pool

3:30PM Refresh and get ready for Pot Luck Dinner

6:30PM POT LUCK dinner!

8:30PM Pool time or room time! (No beach)

10:00PM In your assigned room to pack and clean

11:00PM Lights Out!

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Breakfast in your own in condos

8:45AM Hotel checkout

9:30AM Load bus/luggage, depart for souvenir shopping at Murdochs on Seawall Blvd.

10:30AM Depart Murdochs

11:30AM Lunch at Hard Rock Café, Downtown Houston

12:30PM Load bus for return home

5:30PM Estimated arrival time into Richardson HS

What to bring

  • Performance attire – Polos and jeans (WEAR ON BUS)
  • Something to keep warm on bus
  • Instrument, bow, shoulder rest, rock stop, MUSIC, MUSIC, supplies
  • Casual Clothes (must be school appropriate)
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Swimsuit (modesty!!)
  • Backpack or carry-on bag (including any emergency/essential items – directors needs to know about medications)
  • Personal spending money for meals, snacks, & souvenirs (parents, be smart with this)
  • Sunscreen and Bugspray
  • Board game to share with your room and interact with other humans!
  • Football or Volleyball for beach
  • Hanger for roasting marshmallows!

What Not to Bring

  • Expensive cameras, digital media players, personal electronics or jewelry that you would not want to lose.
  • Large amounts of cash
  • Game consoles, skateboards
  • School dress code will apply with the exception of hats and sunglasses. Shirts or tops of inappropriate length or with offensive language or graphics, and/or swimsuits that are too revealing will not be allowed. This includes clothing that advertises substances which are not allowed on school property.
  • Water guns, canons, balloons, or anything else that can be used to propel water.
  • Any item prohibited on school property
  • Sandcastle building materials – condo provides
  • Towels – condo provides bath and beach towels

Luggage Requirements

1 Medium size suitcase - 24"x20"x8"

1 Carry-on item for the bus (backpack/purse)

1 Instrument

*All luggage, instrument cases, backpacks should have luggage tags labeled with name, phone, and Richardson HS.

Suggested Food and Money Requirements

  • Grocery Store - Each student will be given $10 upon arrival at the grocery store. A room of 5 students will have $50.00 to spend. Any amount needed over that will come from the student's pocket.
  • Souvenirs/Campus Gear – Bring what you think is appropriate.
  • Students will need to bring snacks and drinks with spill-proof caps for the bus
  • Kitchens are fully equipped with utensils, pots, pans, silverware, dishes, dishwasher, fridge, microwave, stove, oven, toaster, coffee maker, etc.
  • To save money, take salt/pepper, sugar, paper towels, napkins, and non-perishables that you can put in a suitcase.
  • Students will NOT be allowed to “order out” for food from the condos (pizza, take-out, etc.)
  • Kemah is included

Special Instructions Concerning Beaches and Outdoor Activities

  1. Do not swim alone. Have at least 1-2 buddies at all times, one to stay and help, one to GET help. PLEASE DO NOT go in the water over KNEE-deep as intermittent waves could be as high as head level. Possibility of an undertow does exist.
  2. Drink plenty of fluids to guard against dehydration. Wear a hat when possible.
  3. Avoid jellyfish and man-of-war. Washed up jellyfish and man-of-war can still harm you. If you get stung, be sure to get prompt medical attention.
  4. Use sunscreen!!! NO ONE LEAVES THE DESTINATION THE SAME COLOR AS THEY ARRIVED!!! SPF of at least 15 should be applied before you go onto the beach and every 40 minutes while you are swimming. Chaperones may require that you use more sunscreen or put on a cover-up if they feel it necessary. Have a shirt or cover-up with you at all times.
  5. Once the sun is set and it is dark outside, the beach is OFF LIMITS.

Potluck Assignments

On Saturday, we will have a student-lead Pot Luck dinner as a way to have everyone together. Rooms will work together and decide what they would like to prepare. In doing this, students will be able to plan ahead and shop for necessary ingredients at the grocery store on Friday. Samantha will be working with students to help facilitate planning and follow-through. Be sure to bring any silverware, plates, cups, etc. from your room (preferable the plastic option) and keep track of everything you bring. Main Dish (3 rooms), Side Dish (3 rooms), Dessert (3 rooms), BYODrink



  • All meds (prescription and OTC) must be in the original bottle with the label attached.
  • Each student is responsible for his/her own prescription/OTC medication UNLESS THE DIRECTORS ARE NOTIFED and must notify his/her chaperone prior to lights out on Friday night of the medications they have and will be taking.
  • If you would like for chaperones/directors to keep the meds and help the students administer them, this MUST be requested in writing prior to the trip.
  • All current meds (prescription and OTC) that will be traveling with the student must be on the medical release form.

Sudden Illness or Injury

  • Safety is our priority. Medical attention will be promptly obtained and parents will be immediately notified. We will do our very best to have a licensed NURSE or DOCTOR administer treatment.
  • RISD Medical Release Forms and Emergency Travel Form (see last page) must be on file before we board the bus. We will have an emergency kit with us for any minor scrapes and bruises.

For Your Student's Safety

  1. Understand the chain of command: Student Room Captain, Parent Chaperones, Mark Dishman, Orchestra Directors, Principal Jose Vega.
  2. Do not arrive LATE: Be certain you understand the itinerary and follow it at all times. Any changes will be announced to the group when needed. Stay with the group whenever we leave the condos or bus. Departure from the group for any reason must be cleared ahead-of-time with your chaperone.
  3. Be respectful and obedient of your chaperone: Students are to treat the chaperones exactly as they would a principal/director. They are along to help have a successful trip, and without them present we could not travel.
  4. Keep bus CLEAN: Students MUST keep the bus clean of any trash or food. Failure to do so will result in cleaning the bus at any given time.
  5. Room-check: Times MUST be adhered to. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR ROOM FOR ANY REASON AFTER THIS TIME. Secure night locks before going to sleep.
  6. No illegal substances/behavior: No Smoking is allowed on this trip, including e-cigarettes. Vaping, Drinking or possession of any alcoholic beverage or illegal drugs will constitute a most severe breach of discipline and jeopardize membership in the RHS Orchestras as described in the RISD Alcohol and Drug Policy you signed at the beginning of the year. Any student allowing himself or herself to become involved can expect severe disciplinary action and will be sent home at the parents’ expense. If you are aware of narcotics, alcohol, etc. and do not report it, those who share the room with the guilty person risk being sent home also. This is a no-tolerance and zero forgiveness policy.
  7. Luggage/Bag inspections: The director/AP reserves the right to inspect the student’s rooms and luggage without warning if he/she deems it necessary, and may charge the chaperones to assist.
  8. Games: Card playing is permitted; Gambling is not. Board games are awesome activities for students.
  9. Visitors: DO NOT MAKE RANDOM ACQUAINTANCES. No one is allowed who is not a part of our group.
  10. Lifeguards: The pool/beach has NO LIFEGUARDS. NEVER swim alone. Always have a buddy to swim with.
  11. Balconies are off-limits: You may NOT go out onto balconies. Anyone violating room check (this includes going out onto the balcony) will be sent home immediately at the parent’s expense.
  12. Phones: Phones in ALL rooms will be turned off for any outgoing calls. You will be able to receive calls room to room only. In case of an emergency the student needs to use cell phones and find one of the chaperones or directors. Cell phones must be turned off during the performance.
  13. Video Games/TV/Movies: Do NOT connect external devices to room TV’s. Be respectful to others when choosing your movie/TV show. Pay-Per-View is NOT allowed. Any charges will be passed along to the room of students, NOT RHS or RAOC.
  14. Mixed Company: NO. MIXED. COMPANY. Boys may not visit girl’s rooms and girls may not visit boy’s rooms for any reason EVER. [The only exception is when a chaperone is present.]
  15. Room/Bus Damages: Please check your room upon arrival and report any irregularities/damage to your chaperone immediately. There is a room inspection during check-out and a bus inspection after each bus ride. Any damage to rooms or bus, or any missing property will be paid for by the person or persons involved. Rooms/Bus Bathroom should be left clean, if rooms are excessively dirty, those involved will pay a clean-up fee. Room keys are required to come back to the condos after the beach. Plan accordingly so keys are not lost.
  16. Toys: Water balloons, shaving cream, eggs (misused), and silly string are not permitted in the condos or on the beach as per local ordinances. No balls or toys are allowed in the pool. Football & Volleyball are allowed on beach (bring balls). No bike or scooter rentals are allowed.
  17. Valuables: Money/valuable jewelry should not be left out in your rooms when you are gone. Do not burden the chaperones with your purses or bags. Do not bring anything that cannot be replaced.
  18. Noise: There will be other guests in the condo and pool. The noise level must be at a minimum. Portable speakers are allowed in rooms at the discretion of the chaperones. Again, noise must be kept at a minimum for other guests and neighbors, who are oftentimes retired citizens.
  19. Condo hallways are for transportation, not for visiting. All visiting and loitering should be done at the pool area.
  20. If listening to music on the bus, it is an “earbuds/headphones only” zone.
  21. Students are encouraged not to pack any perishable food items as these can be purchased at the grocery store. They are welcome to bring any other food items for the weekend.
  22. Wristbands are to be worn all day, every day, for safety and ID. Students will be given one on Thursday, and it must be kept on for the duration of the trip.

Jacob Sustaita, Sam Houston State University Orchestra Director

Jacob Sustaita began his tenure as Director of Orchestral Studies at Sam Houston State University in August 2015. As well, Jacob began his position as assistant conductor of the Akron Symphony in the summer of 2015, where he also serves as Music Director of the Akron Youth Symphony. Jacob completed his doctorate degree at the University of Houston, where he served as assistant conductor and guest music director for the Moores Opera Center for three seasons. This past summer, Jacob served as assistant conductor for Charles Dutoit and Carnegie Hall’s National Youth Orchestra of America (NYO). Jacob conducted and assisted the orchestra during their Ney York residency and during their seven-city tour of China.

Jacob’s past positions include a three-year tenure with the Minnesota Philharmonic and a three-year tenure with the Southeast Texas Youth Symphony. As well Jacob was a semi-finalist at the Cadáques International Conducting Competition in Barcelona, Spain in 2013. He holds degrees from the University of Houston, Penn State, and Rice University. His honors include: Schissler Conducting Fellowship, Rice University Prize and Provost Fellowship, and American Prize semi-finalist and finalist. His teachers and mentors include Franz Krager, Brett Mitchell, Christopher Wilkins, Gerardo Edelstein, and Paavo Järvi.

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