The Israelites' Journey Out of Egypt

From Slavery to Strength

Around 300 years after the end of Genesis, Exodus tells us of the slavery in Egypt, made up of the Israelite nation. Despite their treatment, God's people grew in numbers and caused the Egyptians to fear them. And no wonder they did, because the total number in the Israelite nation amounted to about 2 million! This fulfilled 2 of God's promises to Abraham: that his people would be enslaved for 400 years, but he would lead them out in time to come.

Time For A Change

To begin His plan, God brought plagues to Egypt when Pharaoh refused to free His people. Even then, He knew that when the Israelites entered the desert, they would face their share of hardships. So when the Israelites became too afraid to take the land of Canaan He had promised them, God was prepared.
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Troubles In the Desert

It's true, the Israelites did have a tough time roaming the deserts, but if they hadn't complained and instead put their faith in God, their journey would've gone a little better.

These are the Israelites' complaints and God's answers to these complaints.

  • Main Hardships- God Brought Fire
  • Only Manna to Eat- God Sent A Plague
  • Afraid of Death in Battle- God Wanted to Destroy Them but Moses Objected
  • Blamed Moses and Aaron for Killing God's People- God Sent Another Plague

A Future In View

After 40 years, the wandering ended and a new generation of Israelites were insured the land of Canaan, as long as they could be brave and take it. The Israelites took the challenge. So, after much suffering, God's people finally reached peace and freedom in Canaan.