SSR Project #1

Book Information

Author: Ally Condie

Page Count: 367


I read this book because it is the sequel to the book Matched that I read in the summer. I continued to read the series because I enjoyed the love triangle and the rebellion against the society. It also is set in the future, which I find interesting.


If you were in a life or death situation I would say it would not be a good last read. First of all, it's a series so it would make more sense to read all three of them. Second of all, it can be a little slow at points in the book and the entire book is just a build up to the rebellion of the society which I am guessing happens in the next book in the series called "Reached."


  • I loved how the book has adventure and romance. It keeps it interesting because you get both the suspense that intrigues you and the romance that endears you. I also love that it is set in futuristic time. It will always make you wonder "what if". Another thing I liked is how it switches off perspectives between the two main characters, Cassie and Ky, so you can see what they both are thinking and going through.
  • I hated how at some points the book could be a little slow moving. I also didn't like how much of the book Ky and Cassie are apart.


One of the main characters in this book is Cassie. She is noticing that she doesn't like the way the society works, so she is going to find Ky who has been taken by the society and find the Rising on her way. I can connect to this because she is trying to find out who she is and what she wants, just like any other teenager.


My favorite quote from the book is " Because in the end you can't always choose what to keep. You can only choose how to let it go." I like this quote because sometimes you just have to learn and accept that people are going to leave and you should enjoy the time you have left with them.


I would recommend this book to anyone who read the first book and anyone who enjoys a mix of adventure and romance. It is a cool book to think about how our life might be in the future and its fun to read the experiences that they go through to find each other.

How this book affected me?

This book has broadened my perspective of life and the way I see it. It makes me more aware of my rights as a citizen. I also appreciate it more than before and now am willing to fight to make sure that our society doesn't end up the way it is in the book.