Second Grade SUPER News

Mrs. Morris & Mrs. Pippen

Highlights from Second Grade

Friday folders are bursting with lots of information on linking to websites used in class that can also be accessed from home.

1) AR Home Connect will enable you to monitor your child's performance on AR quizzes, keep you up to date on quarterly goal progress, and send an email to alert you each time your child takes an AR quiz. ARBook Finder is a tab you can click on to look up books to see if there is an AR quiz for books you have at home or from your local library.

2) XtraMath is a program to help increase speed and accuracy in math facts. It can be used on a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

3) IXL supports all of the Math Topics we will cover in second grade.

4) You will find a sticker in your child's blue Home/School folder with logon information for each of these programs: AR, IXL, and XtraMath.


We took an in-school "fieldtrip" to the library for practice in measurement. We measured a variety of items. For addition practice with Measurement, we recommend your child complete sections S.2, S.4, S.8, and S.10. These are found under IXL under the 2nd Grade, Measurement section. There's an easy link to IXL from our class homepage. Simply, go to, select Goodrich, Classrooms, 2nd Grade - Mrs. Morris.


The Superkids Parent Portal is now available. Parents who provided their email address should have received an email with the link that will allow you access to the online Superkids materials. In addition, there are helpful tips that you and your child can do at home to help strengthen their reading and listening skills.

Team Building

This week we used the Kagan Roundtable 'We Like' Structure for choosing our Team Names.