Learning in 215

November 2017

Kindness, Citizenship, and Gratitude in November!

This month, our class discussed the character trait of "citizenship" and the notion that we can be kind citizens in our classroom, our school, our community, our country, and our world. Election Day, Veterans Day, and Thanksgiving gave us opportunities to discuss the service and sacrifice of our military and the importance of being grateful for all we have. November seemed to fly by, but was filled with fun and learning!
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Thanksgiving Bracelets with our K Buddies

Marvelous Math and Dazzling Division

This month, our class really began to understand the concepts of multiplication and division! We learned how to show equal groups with pictures, arrays, number lines and tape diagrams. We explored fact families and jumped into problem solving. We also played math games. Our class spent time in the Math Inquiry Lab exploring these concepts with differentiated learning centers to help each student work on the most appropriate skill for right now. We will continue our exploration of multiplication and division next month, learning properties like the Distributive Property and the Associative Property.
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Reading Workshop

In Reading Workshop, we focused on Plot and Setting. We created a story mountain to show how the plot grows in a story, often in a predictable pattern of hook, problem, rising action, climax, falling action and resolution. With stories read aloud, we thought about parts of the story and how they fit into the plot mountain. We also analyzed how setting can change elements of a story. We studied several versions of The Little Red Hen and noticed how the setting played a role in the story. One version was on a farm, another in a city, and another in a desert! Students continue daily independent reading and meeting with me in small groups. Please be sure to make daily reading a part of your afternoon or evening routine. Students should be bringing home their reading bag and notebook each day! The way to grow stronger as a reader is to read!
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Writing Workshop

Our class has been learning about personal essays. Students have read examples of personal essays and worked on drafting their own versions. The essay structure is new for third graders! Students learned how to use Google Docs and Google Slides to write their essays. Stay tuned for the class publication of our essays! In December, we will be moving onto personal narratives and returning to the idea that we all have stories to tell. Our class continues to blog as well! We also created Recipes for Writing a Halloween Poem at the end of October, which you can check out on our Buncee Board!

Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing: Persuading Others

Mrs. Cordeiro, our fabulous ENL teacher, collaborates with our class one period each day. Before Thanksgiving, she shared a book called Duck for Turkey Day. It was about a little girl who was worried that her family enjoyed duck instead of turkey on Thanksgiving. This opened up rich conversation about different cultures and traditions. We asked the students to think about an alternative to turkey on Thanksgiving and persuade others why their food choice would be the best. Students collaborated in groups to think of ideas and then shared their work with the class!

Science: Weather and Climate

During November, we wrapped up our unit on weather and climate. Students learned about the different climate zones in the world and how weather and climate differ. Students also learned about the water cycle. We played a game to see the path water takes through the earth during the water cycle.

Google Classroom

In November, we enrolled in Google Classroom! We are learning the ropes and finding our way, but one fun thing we tried was using Google Slides to Build a Turkey!
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Author Sends us Gifts!

Ame Dyckman, author of the new book Read the Book Lemmings was so kind to our class! After we reached out to her on Twitter, she sent us "book swag." Each student received bookmarks and stickers from Ame's books! We really appreciate Ame's kindness and generosity! Her books are hilarious so check them out next time you visit the library or bookstore!
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Social Studies: Learning about Culture

In Social Studies, we've been talking about culture and what contributes to a group's culture. We created a Padlet to share our culture here in America and asked others to share what the culture is like where they live. We heard from two other schools around the world!

Innovation Lab- Makerspace Day!

We've been enjoying our time in the Innovation Lab! This month, we got to experience a Makerspace day where students tried out many different digital tools and other ways of building and creating. Enjoy some videos from our time in the Innovation Lab!

Congratulations to our Character Education Winner for November- Anastacia!

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Save the date- Class Holiday Party is on December 21 at 1:00 pm