Super Specialist Summary

Dyslexia, ESL, LIFE, STACC, IST, Resource, GT, Speech

September 2014


Dyslexia, Diane Burke

ESL , Stacy Crabb
ESL, Shelly Shaltry
GT (K-2), Andrea Douglass
GT (3-4), Darlene Waters
IST, Kristine Burt
LIFE, Lindsey Skaggs

LIFE Aide, Tammy Bettencourt
LIFE/STACC Aide, Gayla McClain
STACC, Tessie Corbitt
STACC Aide, Jessica Chavira

Resource, Laura Myers

Speech, Robbie Starks


Dyslexic Tendencies

Here is a great graphic of struggles a student with Dyslexic tendencies may be portraying. Some of these characteristics may show as you perform your TPRIs, A to Z reading levels, and begin written compositions with your students. As always if you have questions or concerns I am here. My new room number is E010 located at the end of the 4th grade hall and my contact info is ext. 6689 and
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English as a Second Language...

Stacy Crabb and Shelly Shaltry will be sharing RES this year. Stacy will service our K-2nd English Language Learners and Shelly will service our 3rd-4th grade ELLs. After the process of testing and identifying new students is complete, classes will begin on September 9th.

Check out this article about how to help the ELLs in your classroom.

Gifted and Talented

GT Update

Kinder GT screening window for all kindergartners is September 2-November 3rd.

KISD GT Parent Orientation for identified students is Tuesday, September 16th, 6-7pm at CHS Auditorium

If a student moves into our district and was previously identified at GT at their former district, please let us know so that we can follow up with our processes and see if they qualify for the KISD program. (We had a couple fall through the cracks last year and the classroom teacher caught it! Yay! )


Upcoming Testing

TPRI Testing

1st and 2nd grade TPRI window started today and they will be using collaboration rooms to pull students to test. Please be aware of when they are using those rooms and try to use the copier downstairs or when they are taking breaks. The testing window is Sept. 8-19th. Kindergarten will be testing Sept. 15-26th.

AIMS Web Testing

3rd and 4th grade will be doing MAZE, MComp, and MCap Assessments during their testing window of Sept. 8-19. As a campus we would like to aim for completion by Sept. 17th in order to catch any students who may have been missed during testing times. All data should be entered online by the 17th.

CPAA Testing

Kinder-2nd will be taking the CPAA assessments Sept. 22-26th. Since we do not have a computer lab or empty classroom this year, we are having to be creative in our testing. Please make sure you sign up for a time to test your class. There are two choices; lab set up on the stage (during non-lunch hours) or in your classroom with a class set of computers. Teachers will be administering the assessment to their classes without the assistance of Kristine. Teacher new to campus will have assistance from Kristine for BOY testing window. Supplies will be provided for you on the stage or on the carts. Team reps that can help with testing are K- Mailie, 1st- Jamie, and 2nd- Ashleigh.

IST Pull Out Schedule

Pull out schedule for IST will begin on Sept. 9th. Kristine will come and pick up your students for the first couple of days but to make the our time most effective, please send your students 2 minutes prior to their group time. That way we don't lose minutes in travel time. I'm looking forward to working with your students this year.


What is STACC?

STACC… what is STACC? J
Structured Teaching & Alternative Communication Classroom

Does that help? Basically we are incredibly smart cookies and just need a different way to get our information into our brain and some cool and interesting ways to “show” what we are learning! It’s always a FUN place to be as long as we all remain consistent and structured. I promise we NEVER have ANY dull moments in STACC! J We are also very loving and just need to have permission to “show” it when we get ready – PLEASE don’t rush me… I need “thinking and processing” time because I have sooo much information coming in at one time and my senses are often just… um, let’s say.. over-loaded. Here are a few shots of us during our 1st week of ALL DAY SCHOOL.


Child Find Screening...

Keller ISD Child Find Screening


Children ages 3 to 4 years old

Screening for children who may be experiencing

developmental and/or speech and language delays.

Upcoming dates: Sept 12, Oct 17, Nov 14, 2014 and

Jan 16, Feb 13, Mar 20, April 17, 2015

By Appointment Only

Location: Keller ISD Annex

10310 Old Denton Rd., Keller

To schedule an appointment

Contact Special Education