The Canadian Shield

An Ancient Mountain Range

The Canadian Sheild

You should move here because:
  • Want To Move To Alberta.
  • You are fish and wildlife officer ,oil and gas worker or miner
  • Like Hiking.
Have you considered The Canadian Shield Region.

Where It Is:

The Canadian Shield region is in the top right corner of Alberta
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See the pink region

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The top right corner


There are many species species of animals in the Canadian Shield region including:

  • sandhill cranes
  • peregrine falcons
  • arctic foxes

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Sand hill crane




  • Black Spruce Tree
  • Aspen Poplar Tree
  • Asper Balsam Tree
  • Jack Pine Tree >

Cities and Towns

There is only 2 cities in the Canadian Shields:

  • Fort Fitzgerald
  • Fort Chipewyan

Bodies of Water

  • Lake Athabasca
  • Lake Muskeg
  • ponds
  • rivers
  • marshy areas


There are many types of land forms there:

  • cliffs
  • mountains and mountain ranges
  • low rolling hills
  • bluffs
  • sandy areas
  • high banks

Weather And Climate

  • Some days here can be as cold as -40 degrees celsius.
  • winter usually gets 160 centimetres of snow.{great for skiing}
  • Summers are dry ,short and average temperature is 30 degrees celsius.
  • Lots of rain between July and October.
  • Winters are long.
  • minimal sunlight in the winter.
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  1. A wildlife & fish officer
  2. A logger
  3. a oil & gas worker
  4. miner

Natural Resources

  • oil & gas
  • coal
  • forestry
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you'll love living here

the adventure awaits

here in the Canadian Shield