Uva Updates

May 23, 2016 - May 27, 2016 - Last Week of School


Today in Tuesday folders you will see the TCE 5th grade supply list for you to have.

You will also find our TCE Summer Reading program - Blast Off with Summer Reading. Happy Reading over the summer.

Wednesday, May 25th - Bizarre Bazaar

Thursday, May 26th-Last day of 4th Grade, this is also an early dismissal day too. Students will be released at 1:45.

Thursday, May 26th - Report cards go home today

Classroom Updates

I've been truly blessed to teach your children this school year!!!! These kids have a special place in my heart and I'm having a hard time saying goodbye to them. Please have a safe summer and please let me know if I can help your student keep up with their studies!

Bizarre Bazaar -

Our 4th Grade Bizzarre Bazaar will be held on Wednesday, May 25th. Please have your child choose the product/service to be traded and add a parent signature and turn the paper back in before the big Bazaar day.
Students need to be able to bring their product from classroom to classroom and collect their traded goods. if they are trading food, the food needs to be individually wrapped/sealed. There should not be any loose/open food items exchanged. Please send a bag or container for them to be able to travel easily. :)

Summer Reading Expectations
Please see the last Tuesday folder for important information regarding TCE's summer reading expectations. Your student's fifth grade will expect a reading log to be turned in. Please don't throw away the pink paper!

I would highly suggest, if your student has time over the summer, to complete as many lessons as possible on typing.com. Future state testing will be on the computer and the more they practice typing the easier the transition to computer testing could be.

Author's Tea
Thank you for making our end of the year celebration such a success!

Classroom Needs

As the end of the year rolls around we begin cleaning out desks and cubbies. We really could use lots of

Clorox Wipes

Baby wipes

Thank you to those who always supplied our class with the necessary items to make learned more "fun" throughout the school year.

Curriculum Notes

Reading -

Finish our novel - The Black Stallion.

Thursday we will watch the movie the Black Stallion, then compare and contrast the book and the novel.

Math -

End of year Culminating Project - Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Science -

Scavenger Hunt - culminating project that students get to search through their Science book to review what we have learned throughout the year.

Thanks for reading the updates this week. If you ever have questions about ANYTHING, please don't hesitate to ask. I truly believe the teacher-parent partnership is a crucial part of a school year.

Secret Phrase- Congratulations! You've made it and we are done! :)

Resource Schedule

Day 1 - Media

Day 2 - P.E. (Coach Leonard)

Day 3 - Music

Day 4 - Computer Lab

Day 5 - P.E. (Coach Anderson)

Day 6 - Art

Day 7 - P.E. (Coach Lane)

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Monthly Focus

Congratulations to our Character Counts representatives. Great job!

September – Fairness - Ella Hanson

October – Responsibility - Ciara Kenny

November – Citizenship - Maya Paul

January – Respect - Emily Russoman

February – Caring - Ahmal Spencer

March – Trustworthiness - Ciara Belanger

Front Row Ed

Username is the students first and last name. Class code - k4gorz


Students can use this site to practice their Math and Language Arts Skills

Learn Zillion

Math and Language Arts teaching tool. If you need to brush up on skills from class, click on the link, sign up for a free account and search for the skill you are having trouble with. Enjoy!

Home Access Center

Home Access Center (HAC) allows students and parents to view their child’s educational information via a secure, password protected website.

School Pay

If you'd like to pay for field trips, lost books, etc., you may do so online!