Omar Nelson Bradley

By: Kaylee Black

Who Was

Omar Nelson Bradley was born February 12, 1893. Omar Nelson Bradley died April 8, 1981 (age 88). Omar Nelson Bradley's father inspired him to be a reliable and a responsible person. His dad encouraged him to be in the military. Omar Nelson Bradley had 1 younger brother named John. He also had a mother and father named Sarah and John also.

What Did He Do?

Omar Nelson Bradley is important because he lead the largest army group commanded in HISTORY!!!! He also risked his life to protect lots and lots of people.

What Was His Change On The World?

Omar Nelson Bradley changed the world by leading the military and also fought other people so our people in our country could live too.

Should We Follow His Footsteps?

Yes I think we should follow his footsteps so we can make history just like him also. He also to protected our citizens of Missouri and we should too. Another reason why we should follow his footsteps is because he saved people's lives and we should too.
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