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Zeus By: Madalyn L. and Madelyn S.

Zeus' story of life

Zeus was the ruler of the gods in Greek mythology. He was a sky and weather god, associated with rain, thunder, and lighting. The Greeks believed he was all-knowing and all-seeing. The Greeks considered Zeus a father figure and a defender, especially of guests and strangers. Zeus’ parents were Cronus and Rhea, which were apart of an earlier race called the Titans. He had two brothers, Hades and Poseidon, who were also gods and he had three sisters named Demeter, Hera, and Hestia. Zeus was married to Metis at first, but then he ate her because he didn’t want the child that they were going to give birth to, to conquer him. After Zeus ate her, he married Hera. He ended up having many kids that were demi-gods. Zeus was a very strong god.

Interview With Zeus

Zeus and Madelyn

M: Hello Zeus.

Z: Hello Madelyn. How are you?

M: Great, thanks. Now let’s get to business.

Z: Ok, sure.

M: How did you feel when your father Cronus tried eating you?

Z: I was upset of course, but I felt lucky that my mother tricked him into eating a stone instead of me.

M: What was your relation with your father like?

Z: We didn’t really have one, actually.

M: And why is that?

Z: Right after Cronus tried to eat me, my mother sent me to a distant island to be cared for by nymphs so that my father could not try to eat me again or find out that he hadn’t actually eaten me.

M: Why did your father want to eat you and why did he eat your brothers and sisters?

Z: He didn’t want his children to conquer him.

M: Well that’s a nice way to solve problems. Anyways, do you think that Poseidon and Hades were jealous that you are the king of the gods?

Z: Oh, definitely! My brothers are always overreacting about it! They think that it’s unfair that I’m the king of the gods!

M: Do you know why?

Z: They think that it’s unfair that I made myself god of the heavens and they aren’t as important as me.

M: Okay. Two more questions.

Z: Okay go ahead.

M: Why did you swallow your first wife Metis?

Z: I swallowed her to be safe.

M: How did that make you safer?

Z: My mother Rhea came to me and told me that Metis would have kids. She also said that the kids would want to conquer me when they grew up. I did not want that to happen, so I ate her.

M: Okay. I have heard that Hera gets a little jealous when you go meet mortal women.

Z: A little jealous? She is way overreacting!

M: Okay, well that’s all we have time for today. This is Madelyn and I am signing off!

Zeus Family Tree

Zeus and Mother Nature

Zeus and Mother Nature have many similar things in common, and also different. One way they are similar is that the both have to do with sky and weather. Also, they are both very powerful. Another is that many people rely and believe in them. They both help people out in many ways. One more way they are alike is, they both can be destructive. However, they are also very different. One way is that they have different genders. Also, Mother Nature can only control weather, where Zeus can control weather, the sky, and is the king of the gods. Another way is that not all Greeks believe in Mother Nature, actually barely any but, most of them believe in Zeus. Another way they are different is that Zeus is a god and Mother Nature is not considered a god, she is just someone that some people believe in. Lastly, Mother Nature and Zeus are different because Mother Nature is supposed to be a nice person and Zeus has been known to have a temper and he isn't as nice as Mother Nature.