San Antoino

isaac cretsinger

Human Environment Interactoin

major natural resorces, oil, gas.

biggest industrys, fort sam, kelly air force base.

terrain, rolling terrain, lots of oak trees, lots of cacti.


latitude and longitude, la 29.4167 north, lo 98.5000 west.

continent notrh america


The Movement

major forms of transportatoin, trolley/bus, taxi.

clothing in the summer shorts and a tee shirt, winter dress in layer.

foods eaten, mexian, sea food, chicken, steak.

regoin how is it common with where you live

laungues, english with a southeren accent, spanish.

ethinicty,white, black, asian, hispanic.

religoin, cathloic,christan,baptist,methidoist.

major citys near, austin,laredo,corpus.

three fun facts, the almo the most attracted place in texas, san degio zoo thrid biggest zoo in the USA,7th largest city in the USA and still growing.