Wilt Chamberlain (wilt the stilt)

This is his life story

the beginning of his life

Wilt Chamberlain was born on August 21,1936 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. For most of his live he loved it but then he didn't because he was in the bad part of Philadelphia.

What he did for the NBA and his team

His Teams

When he first entered the NBA his first team was the Harlem globe trotters, people that played for Harlem loved to play with him, he also built relationships with his teammates. He had so many great and funny games. When he played for Philadelphia for three years before they moved to San Francisco, he was devastating because he was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. After two years at San Francisco he went back to Philadelphia, now the 76ers he had so many great times in Philadelphia he just had to go back. Finally his final four years left he mad ea rivalry with Bill Russell (Celtics) Wilt played for the Lakers him and Bill Russell made the game interesting when they played the people just had to see it. him and the Lakers made a winning steak of 33 games won.
Vintage Harlem Globetrotters

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His stats

With the Philadelphia Warriors his pionts per game was 50.4, assists 2.4, position center.

With the SanFransico Warriors points per game is 36.9,assists 5.0, position center

With the philadelphia 76ers points per game 33.5, assists 5.2, positon center

With the LasAngeles Lakers points per game 27.3, assists 4.1