Stealing Africa

A tale of tax evasion and copper mines


Glencore is a corporate giant that controls copper mines and processing plants in Zambia, yet Zambia is one of the poorest countries in the world. This is because Glencore, founded by Marc Rich, deceitfully evaded taxes and was able to avoid paying Zambia the proper amount. The film is called Stealing Africa because of greedy corporations that steal money from Africa.

Review Questions

How does this film relate to economics? - The film shows how powerful corporations can steal from the poor. It uses the example of Glencore and the Zambian copper mines to demonstrate how this can happen.

What is the bias of this film? Does this film present objective infomation? - The film is slightly biased towards the copper mines because it shows many things to berate Glencore, such as showing how the processing plant polluted the local water supply. The film does present objective information and relies more on facts than emotional appeal.

"You can be rich, but please don't show it."

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I liked this film. I thought that it was informative and I learned how corporations can cheat their way to earning money. I still wonder if Glencore will be brought to justice and I hope Zambia is properly recompensated.


1. How is Glencore able to steal so much from Zambia? - They were able to evade taxes and forced a harsh contract on the plants in Zambia when the copper market crashed.

2. Why do corporations exploit the poor? - They do this because of greed.

Film Info

Directed by Christoffer Guldbrandsen, produced by Henrik Veileborg and Guldbrandsen Film and Steps International, distributed by Danish Film Institute. Filmed at Rüschlikon, Horgen, Kanton Zürich, and Switzerland. 2012.