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Please RSVP to the Lower School Parenting Night by tomorrow. Thank you!

Lower School Parenting Night Tuesday

Lower School Parenting Night Tuesday

Tuesday, November 18 6:30-8pm

(location: Music Room)

Seriously though, what do you really mean???

We’re communicating with each other every morning, noon and night in a multitude of ways. We do so verbally and non verbally, intentionally and unintentionally. What we say and do as well as what we don’t say and do communicate a great deal.

Let’s get together and learn how we can become more self-aware and communicate most effectively amongst ourselves and with our children. Among other things, we’ll explore how to teach our children the necessary skills for developing and maintaining healthy friendships. Valerie Kind-Rubin, Parenting Consultant and Behavior Specialist, will lead us in an evening of learning, sharing and a sprinkling of laughter.

This will be a wonderful opportunity to learn, connect with other parents and share in the journey of parenting. Childcare will be provided for the evening from 6:15pm-8:15pm, in a location to be determined based on the number of responses.

Please R.S.V.P. to me ASAP and indicate your need for childcare, including the number of children and their ages. This will support our planning for the evening. Also include in your R.S.V.P. any parenting themes or questions you may have. The Lower School teachers hope to see many of you that evening!