The Marriage of the Virgin by Amadou Ndiaye

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Raphael's Birth and Birthplace

Raphael, born Raffeallo Sanzio, was born on April 6, 1483. He was born in Urbino, Italy in central Italy. His father was GIovanni Santi, a painter who taught Raphael the techniques of Art. He died when Raphael was 11 years old. Raphael spent most of his life in Urbino, Italy.

Raphael's Patrons

Raphael's Patrons are

  • Giovanni Santi-his father
  • Pierto Vannunci-master painter

Raphael's Education/Training

Raphael was skilled at making self-portraits, he was an architect, and he was a great painter. He also learned how to read and write.

Raphael's lifesytle

Raphael's lifestyle was pretty basic. He painted all kinds of paintings from portraits, self-portraits,

Raphael's Type of Art

Raphael's style of art was focused on painting, drawing, and he did some work as an architect.

"Ism" that Relates to Raphael

Individualism relates most to Raphael because he brought his own aspect to art and he evolutionized art from the whole religion aspect.

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Birth/Location of the Painting

The Marriage of The Virgin was made in 1504 and is currently located in Pinacoteca Di Brera.

Describing The Painting

The Marriage of the Virgin is a very good painting overall. The looks of the painting and the colors are really good. The painting is a good size and doesn't seem too big, and the people in the painting look good and I bet that if the painting was made today, it would've been better because the painting is much more advanced today and with his talent and skill, he would make it much better.

Significance of The Painting

The Marriage of The Virgin is significant because not only that it relates to Mary and Joseph, the painting symbolizes Christianity. Raphael painted a marriage ceremony between Mary and Joseph and the painting goes back to before the renaissance when religion was a very dominant genre.

Interest of Painting

This painting is interesting because the title reminds me Queen Elizabeth and how she claimed that she never married and she never got married

"Ism" Related to This Piece

The "Ism" that relates to this piece is Humanism because this painting focus on religion and before the Renaissance, Religion was everywhere, religion is apart of Literature and humans study religion and literature. So that makes it humanism.