An Interview With Mrs. Gann

An amazing coach.

why coach Gann is an amazing coach .

Mrs. Gann , graduated University of Arlington got her Bachelor of Arts exercise Physiology. She works and Midlothian Heritage High School, for freshman. Her techniques are simple just follow her directions and you will get along with her,and her schedule is Monday-Wensday fitness and Thursday-Friday is games . leo she is so dedicated in her work she woks 50 hours or plus from track and more, and she been teaching for more than 5 years. She loves to watch students to succeed in anything they can believe in .

Facts about Coach Gann

7 facts about Coach Gann

1.She is a volleyball coach

2.She is a track coach

3.She has a Bachelor degree

4.She love students

5.She loves when students actually realize they can do it

6.She spends more than 50 hours a week from working

7.Gets interactive with the students