Living in Mexico City

By: Kassidy Cotner 4th- Risley

Every year many people from many places around the world come to visit Mexico City. Not knowing how living there affects so many people in a negative way. In 1821, Mexico had won its independence from Spain. Mexico city sits in a highland basin, called the valley of Mexico. This valley is 7,000ft above sea level. Surrounding the valley there are many mountains that have a good climate, and rich soil. As years have went by Mexico City's growth rate had grown majorly which have caused good and bad results.

When visiting some of the areas in Mexico City, I found that some places are a whole lot poorer than others. Senora Rosa Munoz was one of the few people that I was able to meet, she told me that the amount of green space they have is about 18 feet per square mile, and that 55% of kids that live there get a education beyond primary school because most of them have to work so they are not able to go to school. The standard living in this area is very low, because many of the families are farmers and here there isn't a lot of space to grow crops to sell and make money. That is why many of them try to move closer to the city so they can find new jobs to hopefully make better wages to provide for their families.

Another place I visited was where their standard of living, spatial inequality, and urbanization was a lot higher than the previous neighborhood. Here I met a family that said the population density there was 34,000 per square mile and 94% of the homes that were built were made out of good materials. Most people living here have good jobs in business, education, or government. Usually these people live in luxury and castle like houses with all necessities. But because the economy has suffered lately its been harder for them to save money and send their kids to a good school.

Going to these different places made me really think about how my life is back in the U.S. and how lucky I am compared to many others that don't have nearly as much as I do. And learning about how bad peoples life can be living in Mexico City compared to the people who live in middle class really shocked me, because no one should ever have to live like that and experience what its like to basically have barely anything.