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Which coupon should I use?

Depending on the original price of the item and what exactly the product I am planning on purchasing is, is how I like to determine which discount would get me the better buy. therefore I found that in these cases it is better to use both when appropriate. If higher than $100 then I would use the 20% off instead of the $20 because it lowers the total amount you will end up paying for the higher priced item(s).

Make an argument about which coupon is a better deal than the other and under what circumstances it’s better.

The coupon I would choose to use is based on the item. Basically if an item is under the $100 range, one is better off using the $20 off coupon because it will deduct more from the total cost than the % would. so because of that I would use the $20 off on certain items similar in price to those bellow:
Then we have those items under the circumstances in which the price is over $100 where I would definitely benefit greater from using the 20% off coupon. Basically the percent is deducting what ever amount the present is, of cents, from each dollar. In this case the coupon being 20% its a deduction of $0.20 off every dollar in the total price. so I would use this toward getting a better discount and paying less for items listed with higher prices such as the ones shown bellow:
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Lastly, there are also those circumstances in which the overall price comes out relatively fair in which it is at about give or take $100, maybe a little over or a little under where it is almost at a balance and doesn't really make much of a difference in which coupon you would want to use, in which case I would say go with what ever is available and on hand and wont benefit if used on any other item. such as in the following case where it doesn't really make much of a difference of which coupon gets used:
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What if you were holding two coupons, one that said “$x off: and the other said “x% off.” Which do you use and under what conditions?

I would use the coupon that would take away the most off the total cost depending on the number(s) it has. If the coupon is 20% or higher and the price is above $100 then I would use that coupon. If the discount amount in dollars is high and the price is low (below $100) then I would use that (dollars off) coupon. If the price is under $100 and the $ coupon is for a high amount greater than the percentage then I would go with that one and vise-versa.