"Our Bulldog mission is to build a

foundation for life-long success by

providing a high quality education in a

safe, healthy, inclusive, and respectful

learning environment."


May 4-6 - "Tied to the Tracks" Musical @ GHS

May 9 - Elementary Field Day

May 17 - Baccalaureate & Senior Awards - 5:30 pm

May 18 - Last Day of School

May 28 - Kindergarten & 6th Grade Graduation

MAY 19 - High School Graduation - 7:30 pm

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Coming Soon: Student Activity Complex

During the April Board meeting, the Board approved the Gainesville Student Activity Complex which will expand opportunities for students in archery, fine arts, softball/baseball, as well as provide a home for the Elvis Barrett Outdoor Classroom. This project will also provide additional parking to service events held on campus. We are excited for our students! Let's go Bulldogs!

Gainesville Student Activity Complex | During the April Board meeting, the Board approved the Gainesville Student Activity Complex which will expand opportunities for students in archery, fine... | By Gainesville R-V School | Facebook
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------------ ACADEMICS -----------

Gainesville senior class currently has a Free Application for Student Aid completion rate of 72%. Students who are entering the workforce do not complete the FAFSA. The state average for high schools in Missouri is 44.3 % FAFSA completion rate. We are proud of the hard work of our seniors!



Eighteen GHS students participated in the Interscholastic Competition held at Missouri State- West Plains. Seventeen schools competed and there were 18 tests given in a variety of subjects. Over twenty students tested in each subject. Schools were split into three divisions based on enrollment - we were in division 2, which included Thayer, Willow Springs, Clever and Houston, among others. Medals were given for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each division and 1st, 2nd and 3rd overall.

We had four students place, two of whom also placed in the top three overall. Jessee Latham won 2nd place in our division and overall for Flash Fiction - she had to write a short story based on a photo prompt. Logan Funk placed 3rd in Physical Science, both in our division AND overall - this is outstanding - he was competing against juniors and seniors as well as large schools like West Plains, Marshfield and Willard. Deric Luna placed 3rd in Health Occupations and Isaac Pippin placed 2nd in Geography.

The students enjoyed the experience and they got to spend some time on the campus when they weren't testing.

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Sophomores in Dr. Madden's English II classes completed a poetry unit and their work is currently displayed in her classroom.
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High school art classes and also the GHS Art Club have been creating hand built and wheel thrown clay pottery. Students have been busy creating 2D and 3D art throughout the year and will soon be submitting their art for the Summit Conference Art Contest held on April 28th, 2023.



Sports Marketing students celebrated March Madness by creating podcasts and other projects that highlighted various topics related to the teams and the marketing behind the event.

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Students in Multimedia have been working on the 2023 Senior Video. Colton Lawson has been learning how to use a drone to capture videos of the school campus.

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Seventh grade researched engineering techniques to help structures better withstand an earthquake. Then, they designed, built and tested one.



Eighth grade utilized new protective equipment (goggles and aprons) acquired through the White River Electric Grant.



Gainesville band members competed in ensemble competitions. Our students received:

-7 “ones” on solos
- A “One” on band ensemble
-2 “twos”on solos
-And band got a “2”
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-------------- ATHLETICS -------------


The Gainesville Track team took 11th in the boys as a team at the West Plains meet on Thursday, April 13th which featured 27 other schools.

Top 8 finishes


Isaac,Aaron,Nick, Ryder


Maliki Sherry


Colton Lawson



The Lady Bulldogs defeated Blue Eye 3-2 to take 7th place in the Sparta Tournament.



Baseball is currently 11-4, ranked 7th in the state. We have played some really tough competition including 4+ teams receiving or are currently state ranked in classes bigger than us. Offensively we hold a team batting average .358 (including 4 kids hitting over .400) and we have outscored our opponents 132-76. We have a ton of room for growth, but if we continue to progress at throwing strikes and being alert on defensive we have the potential to beat an extremely tough team to beat. The team also placed first in the Hartville Tournament.

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Congratulations to the Gainesville Golfing Bulldogs! The team tied for 2nd place at the LutIe Invitational with a team score of 382. Harmon Johns medaled and took 4th place individually with a score of 87.

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Gainesville Junior High Track Team competed at Ava on April 6th. They put in hard work and dedication to succeed and had many new PR‘s.

Top Events

2nd 4x200 Keaton, Alex, Daigan, Kielton

2nd shot Hunter Nelson

5th shot Orion Bradley

4th 1600 m Alex Esely

1st Discus Hunter Nelson

3rd 400 m Kielton Solomon

1st 800 m Keaton Hand

6th 100m hurdles Moxie Similkier

2nd 4x200 Nina, Annabelle, Sierra, Jessica

1st 1600 Jessica Suit

3rd 4x100 Isabella, Annabell, Sierra, Ninna

1st 800 Jessica Suit

3rd 800 Sierra Jarvis

3rd 400 Ninna Sponaugle

4th 400 Annabelle Snelson



We are currently 4-1 on the year with a conference record of 2-1. The boys are improving everyday and working hard. Looking forward to the rest of the season.

Gainesville 14

Fordland 3

Gainesville 1

Seymour 5

Gainesville 7

Mountain View Liberty 4

Gainesville 8

Dora 4

Mansfield 3

Gainesville 13

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The Junior High Softball Lady Bulldogs have had a successful season so far defeating Dora and Mansfield.

--------- CLUBS & GROUPS -----------


Members helped at the Vern D Cubbage Memorial Bass Tournament.We appreciate the support of the Cubbage family!

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On Saturday March 25, the Academic Team competed in the Summit Conference tournament in Fordland and finished in third place. Justus DeVries placed second individually, and Cheyenne Wachtel placed 10th individually. Tate Uchtman and BreAnna Rowland were the other team members who competed.

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Character trait: Hard Work

Poe: Graham Johnson

Hand: Solomon Janes

Collins: Isaac Cox

Hogan: Carter Poole

Howerton: Josh Lane

McDowell: Greyson Strickland

Headrick: Malachi Lawrence

Johnson: Draven Lawrence

Cooper: Emery Hogan

Lundry: Mackenzie Lane

Miller: Brylee VanRanken

Souder:Denton Hambelton

Walker: Owen Hogan

Hubbard: Hudsyn Friend

Gaulding: Allie Cooley

Lawson: Avianna Novak

Garrison: Lola Wade

Roberts: Kendra Allen

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Sportsmanship: Is fair & reasonable behavior, especially when playing a competitive sport.

Poe: Roark VanRanken

Hand: Hayden Nash

Collins: Hudson James

Hogan: Kinlee Simpson

Howerton: Watson McConnaughy

McDowell: TJ Merriman

Headrick: Gabe Ferguson

Johnson: Gus Akers

Cooper: Asher Rhodes

Lundry: Piper Riff

Miller: Willie Treat

Souder: Wayln Treat

Walker: Carter Solomon

Hubbard: Braxten Martin

Gaulding: Everett Hand

Lawson: Carson Nielsen

Garrison: Corbin West

Roberts: Keaton Hand



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Second grade students have been learning all about animals and their habitats. Each student picked an animal that interested them and completed a report about it.

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Third graders have been reviewing reading skills to get ready for the big MAP test! We reviewed the skill inference and applied it to a crime scene investigation! Students were told their principal had been kidnapped and it was their job to find the culprit. They were given a case file that had 6 interviews with the suspects, and a crime scene with four clues. They had to write down their clues and what they inferred happened based on the scene then find the evidence in the case file to support it. They were able to conclude that it was the second grade teacher!


Third grade learned about Newton’s three laws of motion. We applied each law of motion into different labs. In the pictures we are practicing Newton’s First law of Motion. An object at rest will remain at rest unless acted upon by an outside force. This law is often referred to as the law of inertia, therefore, we applied it by making inertia towers. Students stacked cups with notecards in between. They attached string to the sides of the cards and at the same time, pulled the strings to have the cups fall into a neat stack! We added other challenges in the cups such as marbles, paperclips, and other weights to change the variables.



Fourth grade is kicking off the 4th Quarter by learning about different spelling patterns and how to identify them. We have also began practicing for the upcoming MAP testing; introducing ways it will be presented and the tools available for the students to use. We will also be revisiting the topic/skills/standards that the benchmark testing has identified as being low. We will be participating in “MAP Attack” on April 3rd, 4th, 5th, 10th, 11th, and 12th. In Social Studies, we just wrapped up learning about the Southeastern region of the United States. We learned about the resources, climate, animals, people, and events that helped shape it and its early history.

Mrs. Souder's class was asked to hide over 100 eggs for Head Start to do an Easter Egg Hunt. They enjoyed getting to do this for them and knew the littles would have so much fun finding them all.



Fifth grade students have demonstrated several models to show the apparent brightness and size of the sun. Even though the sun appears to be the largest and brightest star in our Solar System, it is just an average sized star. It appears much larger and brighter than it truly is because Earth is so much closer to the Sun than other stars.



During our novel “Island of the Blue Dolphins” students were grouped and asked to use natural materials to create a small replica of the home they would have built if they were Karana. They were then challenged to create a sales advertisement for their property. Students in 1st through 5th grade then voted on the home they wanted to “purchase.” "Our tree house" was the winner, with the rock cave as a close 2nd.