Buncee is an online/mobile canvas used to create digital index cards, flash cards, lesson plans, and so much more.

  • Buncee is free.
  • It allows you to add notes, images, videos, web links, audio, etc.
  • You can share work online, via email, social networking, text, or via the iPhone/iPad apps.

What you can do from Buncee?

  • Create lesson guides
  • Great for flipping the classroom
  • Digital Flash Cards
  • Teacher has the ability to control whether or not project are public or private
  • Viewed on web application

Why it’s useful for teachers/students?

  • It gives teachers and students a new interactive way of learning.
  • Creative and interactive lessons can flip your classroom with fun.
  • Students of any age can easily create multimedia presentations.
  • Using Buncee, you can share engaging events classroom news to the community and parents.

Quick Facts about Buncee

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