Trip to Las Vegas

by Garhett Daves


Hot summer, tall buildings, and bright lights remind me of the special time I had with my family. I will never forget the amazing trip to Las Vegas Nevada.

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First, my heart beat fast as I entered the grand hotel for the first time. My family and I went to the top of the building we were all scared because it moved! I loved all the reastruants there. For example we dined at Rocky's burger joint.

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Next, when we went to the Hoover Dam we spent many hours admiring it. The fresh smell of Nevada and the burning hot tempature was awesome. The sight of Lake Mead and how big the dam was.

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Finally, we saw Chris Angle he was the best magician I have ever seen Chris had so many tricks. Chris was the funniest magician he was amazing. He cut people in half and put them back together he read minds it was awesome.


Not only did I have a awesome vacation, but I also made a memory that week. Spending time with my family is something I will always remember.
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