Representative Democracy

Parliamentary vs Presidential


There are many similarities between parliamentary and presidential systems.

  1. Ruled by some form of a Constitution.
  2. People elect representatives,
  3. Leader is the head of military and runs the government.


There are several differences between a parliamentary system and a presidential system.

  1. Legislative body holds the power, they choose chief executive.
  2. Head of State and Government are held by two different people. The head of state may be a monarch.
  3. Chief Executive answers to Legislature and is typically from the same party, which makes achieving their goals much easier.
  4. Fairly easy for Legislature to remove chief executive.


Presidential systems have many differences from Parliamentary systems.

  1. Chief Executive separate from Legislature.
  2. Checks and Balances system to limit power.
  3. Chief Executive is Head of State and Government.
  4. Legislature and Chief Executive voted separately- can be from different parties.
  5. Difficult to remove Chief Executive from power.