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Library Stats

Number of Checkouts per Month

September 20

October 3095

November 3225

December 2418

A total of 8,758 books and/or material was circulated and had to be re-shelved this Fall semester! This does not include pulled books for displays or student and teacher books that were pulled but only used momentarily but not checked out.

Curriculum Corner

Both First and Third Grades are doing their research strands. First Grade is doing an Animal Unit that will culminate in creating a talking animal using an ipad app called Voki to demonstrate their research facts. The third grade unit is entitled Rapid Earth Changes and students will be encouraged to make digital posters using the Board Builder App.

Fourth Graders are still working toward the goal of participating in Battle of the Books, a district wide contest. Teachers please be sure they continue to take the quizzes. We will soon be announcing the names of students passing 5 or more tests, over the morning announcements.

Please be aware we want your students to come to the library throughout the day either for checkout or for small group for coding time or centers. The best times are in the mornings but we will try to accommodate you throughout the day.

Book Fair Coming March 3-11. More Details to Come Soon!

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Save the Date: Wednesday, March 2nd is Dr. Seuss Day

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Winning the contest is based on the numbers of entries. Please follow the link above.

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Yay You!!!

If you made it to the bottom of this newsletter it entitles you to a free book from our library treasure chest. Come by to visit and collect your freebie! :)