Michael Vey: Prisoner of Cell 25

By: Richard Paul Evans


Michael Vey: Prisoner of Cell 25 by Richard Paul Evans is a intriguing novel with a storyline with endless twists and turns. This novel is about a high school student diagnosed with Tourette's syndrome and has the ability to give people a surge of electric waves. He and his mother have gone school to school all over the country to hide Michael's secret. They have done a good job keeping the secret until now. After school, a popular girl, Taylor witnesses Michael work his magic when he fights off a bully with his powers. Taylor admits to him that she also has powers. After further research from their friend Ostin, they later find out that there are 17 kids with electric powers like theirs. Dr. Hatch, creator of the MEI, a machine that gave the power to the kids when they were born, has been looking for the last two Glows, Michael and Taylor. When Hatch kidnaps both Taylor and Michael's mother, Michael has no choice but to go after them and try to save the others.

About The Author

Richard Paul Evans, author of many novels including the Michael Vey series, The Walk series, and the Christmas Box series. Evans has written 31 best-selling books nationwide and most of his books have been converted into movies. Not only does Evans write books, but he also is married to his wife, Keri with five children and is currently living in Salt Lake City.
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Character-Michael Vey

Michael Vey is the main character in this book and is the true definition of a protagonist. He lives with his mother and is diagnosed with Tourette's syndrome. Michael seems like an ordinary, nerdy, boy with nothing to hide. All of that is wrong, Michael is electric. He plays a big role in the book when trying to save his mother and Taylor from Elgen Academy. Also, he hits many bumps in the road and overcomes his difficulties with the help of his powers.


This book has two settings to it. Michael, his mother, and Taylor live in Idaho where they currently go to school. The other setting is Elgen Academy in Pasadena, California where the other Glows are held and Dr. Hatch lives. For the first part of the book, the setting is located in Idaho, but towards the middle and the end, Michael, Taylor and others all end up at Elgen Academy in Pasadena. Pasadena is where all the action takes place when Michael finds himself there to save his mother and Taylor.
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Book Reviews

If you click on the link below, you will find a Barnes and Noble website. If you scroll down on the site, you will see multiple reviews on the book from different organizations. Also, if you continue scrolling, you will find a link to Dove.org with a excellent review on the novel.


The video below provides a perfect layout for how Michael's life is at school and how he feels. This helps us understand the theme of the story through Michael's perspective and what he knows and feels. In the video, he lays out a brief description of the storyline that helps us understand the story a little bit better.
"Michael Vey" Trailer a New Novel by Richard Paul Evans & Mercury Ink