iPads in the classroom

Tech Talk after school

An introduction to using iPads in the classroom

  • Advantages
  • Important things to remember
  • Creating folders
  • Attaching your ipad to the whiteboard
  • Creating icons for your most used websites using aHomeIcon
  • Accessibility
  • Tips and tricks
  • Education seminars (Learning with iPads on 30 September)
  • Ebooks


  • Very fast to load
  • Long battery life
  • Direct access to internet
  • Fast access to email
  • Great e-books
  • Accessibility options


  • Login in before displaying iPad to students
  • Flash files will not run on the iPad

Tips and Tricks

Ten iPad tips

iPad - Top 10 Tips & Tricks from Techradar

aHomeicon creating an icon for most used websites

This demonstration works the same way on an ipad as it does for an iphone

Create an Icon for a Website or Custom URL on your iPhone or iPad