African American Indepedence

We Made It


To the General Public, African Americans have been opposed for hundreds of years. There has been many acts to help this minority, yet nobody acts on it or respects these decisions.


I. African Americans are born the same way as any other ethnicity and should have the same respect as the other ethnicities in the United States.

II. Laws of Nature and Reason say that all acts harmful to society so no one can be commanded to do what they do not want to do.

III. Throughout the years the African American race has been treated unequally and given no chance to be successful. Everyone is created the same way and should be treated the same way.

IV. After the Civil War African Americans got the right to vote yet in the south Caucasians made it so that African Americans had to pass a literacy test and a poll tax for them to actually vote. This pretty much made them wait until the 60's with the Civil Rights movements until they could actually vote.

V. African Americans have the right to vote. This is important because their voice can be heard in the American government.

VI. African Americans like everyone else have a right to privacy.

VII. All of Africans have freedom of speech and should not be discriminated on for their beliefs.


The way to fix these problems are treating everyone with respect. Also we should act as the golden rule. Treating everyone in the way you would want to be treated.