John Paul Chase

Wanted for $21,000

The Beginning

John Paul Chase began his life of crime whenever he got the reputation of a minor bootlegger and robber. He worked primarily in California, both in San Francisco and Palo Alto.


Chase was convicted of 2 counts of murder against Herman "Ed" Hollis and Samuel Cowley, who were both very dedicated FBI agents. Chase was sentenced to his time in jail, where he discovered that he was an exceptional artist. He created many paintings and they are still present today.

Conviction Information

Chase killed 2 people, and he was not put on a "wanted poster", because the police had already caught him before. Chase assisted in multiple robberies with his partner in crime, George "Babyface" Nelson.

Cause of Death

Chase was born on December 26, 1901, and died on October 5, 1973, at age 71. Chase died of cancer 32 years after he was released from prison.
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