From the Library

Sept 16

Series Dip

So many kids are really reading because a series hooked them! When they've actually finished a few books in a series, have kids write series review bookmarks with me! Another way to stretch is to come to the library to play comprehension Jenga! I have 2 sets (4 centers) of jenga blocks covered in generic prompts. As the kids dismantle the tower, they have to tell their team their answers. And a final way to stretch the series love is to have everyone write a letter of recommendation to a peer in their class, someone else they think might like the series.

1. Bookmark Reviews

2. Jenga Comprehension Check

3. Recommendation Letters

Don't forget to refer back to their note pages later in the Fall as they search for something else to try. Please come back anytime in the winter for MORE series searching. I can do similar lessons all day long... by genre, with nonfiction, with stand alone literature, with picture books, with poetry books... What a great substitute lesson!

Amazing New Teacher Books

Biographies... NOW BY TOPIC

After attending a workshop on a library shelving concept called genrification, I've decided to give it a try starting with the biographies. You'll now find an orange MAP above the biography section, in addition to bookshelf labels. The biographies have been divided into categories: Historical, Artistic, Presidents, Scientific, Sports, Modern-none-of-the-above. This makes browsing by interest a snap! Biographies are definitely something I encourage reading often. These narratives give background knowledge, vocabulary, and theme with the added wow of "True Story". They deserve a LOT more air time!

Battle of the Books 2017

Remember last year when I announced Firefly Hollow the BOOK OF THE YEAR as chosen by 8 high-functioning readers from 8 AMAZING other titles? Well you should read it! Out loud to your class! We have it in the book room, as well.

If you have a confirmed reader (Level P or higher) who LOVES to read, I am once again doing a long-term book club. We will meet once a month and read 8 books across the school year. This is a big commitment. I'll be starting Sept. 30, so think now of possible kids.

If you'd like to set up your OWN Battle of the Books, it's a cute way to do text-to-text comparisons while covering genres as well. No need to do it with advanced chapter books, just pick 8 really fantastic but diverse picture books and put them in a bucket. When the kids finish reading all 8, they can vote. Give them about a month to do this. Announce the winner and read that one aloud! Do it over and over...