The Daily Gazette

By Ali Syed, and Tej Mahale

How George Milton saw it

The way I saw it, was that bitch Linda killed herself probably because she told im’ to do something to her like touch her hair or feel her skin, and that son of a bitch didn’t let go like when we was back in Weed with the girl and her skirt accusin’ she was “raped”.. That son of a bitch Curley was gonna blow the guts out of that poor guy and Carlson thinks that Lennie took his luger but I did. I mean he did take the Lugar, but I took it out of his pocket. That gun is the gun I had killed Lennie with right in the back of the head he didn’t even know what hit him. Ya’ see I feel I should kill im’ ma self. The thing is that when Carlson shot Candy’s dog Candy felt like he shoulda been the one to shoot that poor old dog, well thats how I feel right now so thats why I “stole” Carlson’s luger. I know exactly where he was at, I went t there faster than a rabbit, and make ‘im have happy thoughts about our dream land, making sure he gets to tend’ to the rabbit’s an’ such. And I just shot him right in the back of the head just like that. If I didn't kill Lennie, then he would’ve gotten shot in the guts, and tortured. He would have had slow painful death. Rest in peace Lennie. I hope you got your own piece of land up there.

How Curley Tater saw it

The way I saw it, is that son of a bitch killed my wife and left her in the haystack. I was going to kill that son of a bitch myself, even if I did have my hand broken, I was going to shoot him in the gut until he was gone. But his own “friend” killed him for me. I didn’t want him to kill Lennie, Ohoho no sirrie, I wanted to fucking kill him myself, but he claims he wanted to kill him so he wouldn’t be fucking tortured by me. First he kills my wife, then runs away no where to be seen, until Candy comes and yells that my wife is dead. After a few minutes, I got my gun, my horses, and my men, and went out to find the retarded bitch. So did Slim with his men, and went out to find ‘im. Then all of a sudden we show up seeing George with Carlson’s gun in his hand, and Lennie by the Pond with a hole in the back of his head. We couldn't believe what he’d done. A guy shooting his own good friend in the back of his head, before anyone else does. We might never know the reason why George shot Lennie, but all we know is that he’s dead, and never coming back. No more trouble on the farm, No more of that stupid bitch runnin’ around the farm. But my wife will be buried here. Rest In Peace Linda Tater.

The Great Depression

The Obituaries

Lennie Small, Salinas, California

Monday June 4th,1930 (10:45am) Salinas County Cemetery

George Milton

Pet soft things like mouse fur

Bucking Barley at the Tater Ranch

Tall, Partly Bald, Mentally ill, Nice and he could Buck Barley like nobody else could.


Linda Tater , Salinas, California

Monday June 4th,1930 (11:45am) Salinas County Cemetery

Curley Tater (husband) John Tater (Father in Law)

Flirt with workers on the ranch

House Wife

Pretty, Brunette, Flirty


A letter to the boss.

Dear Boss,

You sir are making this hard on all of us workers. We work hard everyday, every second that we're here and we're always stuck in the heat, with money lower than what we need. You've messed with us enough, and we are done with your shitty treatment to us workers. If you keep giving us that bullshit, then we will have no choice but to go on a strike!

Now listen up carefully.

We want the wage to increase, especially since the economic downfall,where almost everyone here is depressed because of that, besides you. It ain't nough' for us to live like this. Now look at the black man you hired and made him work for you. What happened? Oh nothing except that his back is fucking CROOKED.

We want enough money to buy our own little piece a'land an' cause' right now I ain't got nothin. We've been workin here for years, and we steal ain't got no land. No place to truly call home.

We want to become independent, free, and some of us wan' a family to live or start one ourselfs. So can you please feel the least of pity for us? Look deep into your heart and let us have better working conditions, and better wages for all of us. Our hard work has payed off many times, so please just we're asking you this one time. But if you refuse our offer, then we WILL GO ON STRIKE.

Sincerely, The ranchers.